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Luci's List of Worldbuilding Tools & Writing Prompts

(10-01-17, 11:48 PM)Quill Wrote: I wrote a guest post on someone else's blog about 6 suggestions for world building. It's more abstract though, just some ideas for people to consider, and less specific than most of the advice here, so maybe it's not fitting to include it on the list. I'll let you decide whether it is suitable for your list or not:

6 Points of World Building

(Sorry, you have to scroll past some obnoxious promotion of me to get to the actual list; again, I understand if you think this isn't quite suitable)

Great article! Added to the list. :)
Here is another link.

It's mostly tools that you can use when you are hosting RPG games, but there are a lot of things that's useful to writers from a worldbuilding standpoint. At least, somewhere we can start from. It's got a world generator(gives you a fractal map), has name generators and even a calendar generator and my favourite, a random adventure generator - which sort of helps when you're starting to develop a story from scratch.

I don't think I've seen a resource quite like this any where else. Hope it helps.
 The Open Road -  Colourful action/ Weary protagonist/ Vivid descriptions - My take on what happens after the end of a typical fantasy story.

Updated with some information pertinent to people seeking to go the route of indie publishing;
Sites with Useful Articles for Indie Authors
Just a place for different names. It has real life based generators and fantasy based generators.

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