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@Gen all that is planned already.
(13-06-16, 01:55 AM)Gen Wrote: It would be nice to see a chapter saver that, you could save the chapters, that you are writing on too. (So, you can work on many chapters at once.)

This is possibly in place already. Other than on quick reply/edit panels, there is a Save as Draft button alongside post and preview when making a new post in the forums - including when you click Add Chapter from the front-end fiction management page. You likely can't view these through the front-end fiction management screen, and I'm not sure how well it plays with the Table of Contents system in place for the front-end, but you can find all drafts by going to UserCP and clicking on Miscellaneous > Saved Drafts for further editing and actually releasing them.
The ToC and UFCP needs serious revamping, but that's a future project after we're done with the reader.
Cleveroad Inc. made a research ( ReactJS vs AngularJS 2 ultimate performance research 2017) and they wrote about pros and cons of Angular JS
AngularJS pros

- Oriented on the apps with a big amount of interactive client-side code

- Demands less code in some cases

- Good solution for dynamic apps with a single page

- Advanced testing features

- Fast developmentprocess

- Model-View-Controller balance

AngularJS cons

- Relatively slow when it comes to displaying enormous amounts of data

- Not as SEO-friendly as desired
I've been having some issues with the current advanced search. for example i'm unable to specify the number of chapters currently in a story
I assume that's what the pages bar is for but it just doesn't work I look for something with more than 20 pages and find they only have 3 chapters.

also an idea for additions to advanced search is a bar to specify the number of days it's been since last updated. for example searching for a story that's been updated within the last 10 days ,this more effectively helps find ongoing novels and can be used together the order by popularity option to find high popularity novels that still receive regular updates instead of dealing with popular but dead novels.

could also add option to click authors name to see what other novels they've written instead of having to manually search.
As for AngularJS, its about good documentation and two-way data binding simplifies some parts of the process. Take a look at comparison - AngularJS vs ReactJS
Hi guys
Artjoker made a research about Angular vs React: Which One is Better?
ReactJS is essentially a JavaScript library with open source code.

AngularJS is a full-featured development environment with open source code.

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