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I would recommend this new story:

Metaworld chronicles is about a scientist who awakes in her 16 years younger body in a magical parallel reality. So far she's started learning magic as conspiracies start to slowly unfold in the background.
I know I’m not too active outside of reading and the RRL Discord anymore, but what do you personally recommend from any source, RRL or otherwise, regardless of age @Balthazar? I’ve been having trouble finding things that are great and have once again burnt out trying to go off into the wilderness alone. Most LNs are lacking in quality, either by source material or translation ability; same applies to other translated options; most other sites I’m loathe to trudge through the muck for the few gems; I don’t generally touch Xianxia, mostly on principle of the matter and the utter lack of interest; RRL is ever increasing the number of new authors but you know I’ve long stopped keeping track of the latest updates page; don’t really feel like rereading anything at the moment; and... I dunno.

I guess I’m just looking for something actually unique, different, sorta off the beaten path, and doesn’t suck on the whole. Lots of things I’ve tried lately feel like they’re simply tropes rearranged like wooden blocks or simply aren’t my thing. Officially published works also fall under the umbrella of “any source”. Whatever you suggest, I can probably find a way to get it online, for free, or put my library card to good use (Gasp! Yes, people still read physical books, though not as often as I’d used to.)

P.s. sorry but I’ve got nothing new to add to the list. A certain something(s) have already been mentioned. Not gonna say which one(s) in particular.
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Hey J0nn0,

I am having the same troubles. To much exposure to LNs&Co makes one notice how bad most stories really are. Sometimes I browse all the indi translator pages I can find, but so far "Release that witch" and "Tales of the Reincarnated Lord" have been the best of a lot of worse finds in recent months. Also they suffer from all the usual infuriating problems. Therefore off my bookshelf, I recommend to you:

Great things to read:

- Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Hands down best fan-satire of the whole Harry Potter books. A feast for the logically minded reader. Available through any search engine.

- Terry Mancour "The Spellmonger", first part of an interesting fantasy series with medieval touch.

- Andrew Caldecott "Rotherweird" has been highly recommended to me, but have not read it yet. It might require british cultural knowledge to really appreciate it, thats why I am wary of it.

- Christopher Nutall, "Schooled in Magic" is a modern western take on the "transported into another world genre". Except for the most recent book of this series, highly enjoyable as it blends scholarly medieval knowledge with fiction and a girl from the modern era.

- Alexey Glushanovsky, "The Road to Magic". Summoned to another world story, with a mix of russian folklore and music.  It is unique as far as I can observe. ANYONE having an english/german translation of the following books of this series, I would love to read them. My russian is not up for the challenge.

- Walter Moers, "13.5 Lives of Captain Bluebear" is an epic leisurly story for the literary connoisseur. Don`t expect action though. I cannot vouch for the english translation, as a lot of insinuations have a German cultural context. I read it in German, and it was unique.  


- John Conroe, "God Touched" is OP wishfullfillment which makes a good read for the first book, before it runs in the usual OP troubles in the following books of that series (Demon Accords).

- Andreys Vasilyev, "More than Game" Fayroll series starts off good before it delves into to much RL issues instead of VRMMORPG around book three.

- Jack Campbell, "Lost Fleet: Dauntless" for some good 'ole space opera with a lot of boom and bang in space :) Series itself is pretty  entertaining to read for space buffs.

- Michael Atamanov, "Sector Eight" is a Space VRMMROPG series (Perimeter Defense) which is actually the best take on VRMMORPG in space I have so far read.

- Suketu Mehta, "Maximum City" an interesting personal account of an Indian journalist returning home from abroad and narrating how a corrupt developing country works. Novel for the uninitiated and entertainingly told. Takes place in the early 2000s

Something to read:
- J. Zachary Pyke: Orconomics, an illuminating satire on the whole fantasy genre.

Something completely different:
- Nicholas Ostler, "Empire of the Word" is an interesting take on World History through the rise and fall of languages. Might not be everyones cup of tea.

- Jane Jacobs, "The economies of cities" an old but interesting read on how cities developed.

I hope you find something among the listed works and series, otherwise PM me and I will take a deeper dive into my shelves and archives. Enjoy!

P.S.: Share your gems people. Last month and this month are beginning to look like a dry spell for us :/
Infracto Animo = 40% Story, 10% references to Abrahamic religions,50% mind melting depravity = 100% Ecstasy A must Read for lovers of Dark fiction.
Im not sure if shameless self promotion is allowed.
If it is, im writing a new story called Dante's Immortality and have been getting decent ratings.
If it isnt, please disregard this post.
Thanks for the list. I’ll be sure to check it out when I have time. Btw, this thing suddenly popped up on weekly trending, likely due to its rapid but short updates. It is pretty cute and has a decent amount of content. More recommended for light reading than for a serious story. Btw, grammar isn’t bad, either.

*edit* found a new thing. Interesting mechanics. Gonna have to see where the author takes it.

*edit again* wow. Latest updates is on fire tonight... And I need sleep. Why aren't there more chapters dammit.
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