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Montly Writeathon Continued...

Winners of previous months. This is a list of the previous winners for record keeping.

Winners for September Two Thousand Sixteen Are:
In First Place: AdvonKoulthar with Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer
In Second Place: OldBegginings with Myth Of Men
In Third Place: WhoCares with RE:WRITE
Chapter 55: 4459
Chapter 56: 2397
Chapter 57: 2413
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Oh this is still going? *Sips tea* I shall join you then. = 8072 words = 5423 words = 4564 words
Read my fic or..... (⌐■_■)=/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿.

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I have joined a new group, please check out:Scribble

I did make some words this month.

11/2016 Grand Total: 20,796
Spoiler: Chapters
01-Chapter 83:2241
02-Chapter 84:2050
03-Chapter 85:2417
05-Chapte 86:2462
29-Chapter 87:2200
29-Chapter 88:2190
29-Chapter 89:2602
29-Chapter 90:2576
30-Sidestory 90.1:2058
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Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer:
FNN The Thread! Contains some helpful notes! Does not contain any discussions as of yet.
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Willing to revive this for January unless Hinotoro appears again.
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I'm gonna intrude this to let you see I can post a comprehensible story with lighning speed! gotta quadruple release starting from now on!

I'm not going to join this permanently, only to beat you guys once!
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It's not like I want you to read my fiction or anything, Baakaa~!
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