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NaNoWriMo 2016


50,384 words
CONGRATULATIONS on winning the challenge, and achieving such a great feat!
Rewards have been handed out.

If anyone participated this year and did not receive an achievement, please open a support ticket and link your novel.
Veni; Vidi; Vici.
Viva el imperio del pinguino!
Wizard's Eighth Rule: Talga Vassternich! Deserve Victory!
The world works in your favor, if you work in its favor.
[Image: 6jq0yg.jpg]
I did it but didn't upload anything.

I'm holding it in secret until next week... >.>

Or maybe the week after. I did not get a cover done and I'm tired of coverless works.
It's too bad existing fictions didn't count, or I would have submitted.
I wrote 128,441 words in November; topped that in December and wrote 147,645 words, and I've got 30,930 so far for January (after only 6 days). Very Happy LOL

I'm continuing Master of All, Jack of None (it was 16 chapters) as a fan-fiction.
You can read Chapter 17 and up here: Mythran's Master of All - Continued.

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