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How do I not cringe at my own writings

I gave up really. Check out 'mediocre in another world' if you want an example of a story that is full of cringe and bad editing. I deleted it at one point because I realized people could actually read it. That made me anxious. Now people can read all my other stuff too! What am I doing?
It got easier. I made something horrible on purpose. I set the bar really low. I noticed that everytime I set the bar high, not only did I do a horrible job, I didn't enjoy myself.
Write something terrible today, and grow as a writer!
If you want to don't cringe at your story you should avoid this kind of lines.
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The more you distance yourself from japanese writing the less cringe you will feel.
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This is why I tell people to review their own work. Everyone cringes at their own writing because it is always extremely flawed. The person who wrote it more than anyone knows how flawed it is. But here's the thing, once you are aware of the flaw, you can look up an online tutorial on the subject and learn how to do it right.

This is something most of the writers on RRL don't understand. There is a right way to write and a wrong way to write. You need to decide if you wanna write for your own satisfaction and screw what other people think or if you wanna learn the science that's been lovingly crafted by millions of writers for thousands of years.

For example, did you know people find it more interesting to read a combination of long and short sentences? Variety keeps the mind entertained even if the reader isn't aware of why.

We've also almost perfected dialog tags. Did you know most people don't even realize it when they read a "he said/she said" dialogue tag? Those words have been so ingrained in the human mind that we almost don't even realize when we read it.
Sometimes I cringe when something feels unnatural, perhaps you should try to make conversations and situations more natural; think of your own emotions in those situation, and write what you think would stimulate the response you want. Of course you also need to think of your character, your character will not respond the same you will, so once you have your emotions in the situation tweak the situation for the character or the town, ect. ect.
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If you don't want to cringe, i suggest reading high quality books (in case you don't) like the kingkiller chronicles, codex alera, things like that, bestsellers, and then compare your writing, it will suck, because they are the masters, we are barely newbies, don't try to be like them, but learn from them.

For example, see how characters interact in their book and then see how your characters interact, if it's only your scene that makes you cringe, then try to give it a feeling like the author's, hell, even copy what you can. some will say that copying other authors will make you loss your own style, etc, etc, but if you don't even have a style, what's there to lose? you first need to learn words to make sentences, right? it's about the same.

Basically, I suggest you to read, a lot, not only RRL or xianxia or LN (in case you only read those things), i'm not saying that there are not quality works among those, but go widen your horizons, and if in the end your writing it's similar to that of those 'masters', then your cringing it's probably only because you wrote it, you'll have to get over it with time.

And something that works for me, it's not writing on your own language, english its my second language and I don't feel uncomfortable in english, but when I write in my own language, damn do I cringe xD

On the other hand, if what makes you cringe it's the plot, then you need to sit down and think it thoroughly, a good idea doesnt make a plot, its a collection of good ideas that makes one, so try adding more ideas that fits with the ones you have.
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