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How do I not cringe at my own writings

My problem is that I'm more of a perfectionist. No matter what it looks like, I would be unsatisfied with it, especially if I'm a little more on the amateur side. And flaws aren't as obvious to the writer as DarkD thinks it is, even if you know there's something *wrong*, you might not necessarily know how to fix it.

The advantage of having someone else look at it is that they can tell you exactly what your problem is and give you ideas on how to fix it.
Write a second draft.

My first drafts are utter trash. I always write everything out, knowing it is utter trash and will continue to be utter trash until I rewrite it.
You don't -____-; Everyone cringes at their own writing, even published authors. It's a natural thing, especially sometime after you finish writing. It passes with time, though. That's why it's a good idea to lay your work aside for a while before editing it - not only it'll be easier to notice mistakes, but to ease the cringe down ^____^;
"There are two kinds of people: Those who create to become someone great, and those who become someone great to create."
- Katherine Sun
It took me a while to understand that all of writing is putting words down, realizing that they suck, and then kicking them until they're good. The fact that you cringe is the first step. It means that you have taste. Where most people fail is that they don't realize that what you do AFTER you cringe is what will make you a real writer. Don't look away. Look at the dump you just took on the page and turn it into gold. Our at least fix it so no one realizes that it's shit.

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