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Are reviews (haters) always a bad thing?

A lot of the reason why bad stories are rated highly is because the reader is rating how much they enjoyed the story, rather then how well the story is crafted. This is the difference between readers and critics. Royal Road was originally a light novel site, and so the cliche's and general wish fulfillment are deeply rooted into the site even now. That's why you'll see a lot of bad stories getting great reviews, because it is what the readers want. It is what they enjoy. I don't really think it's a bad thing either. You just have to understand going in that the reviews might not match the story.
Reviews can never be a bad things. But there are some reviews to ignore, and I think haters belong to that category.
Whenever reading the reviews of a story, I always choose to ignore those below two stars. Not all of them are from haters, some of them actually have some constructive elements, however, the ratings are not really objective.
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Objectively, stories can be worth one or two stars. That is reality. But really, no review of any sort is completely objective, that would be impossible. You are critiquing a story based on your own experiences, understanding and knowledge of the story, its genre and the mechanics it presents.

No matter how objective you try to be, you will undoubtedly bring your own subjective view of what you determine is a good story into the mix. That's why critiques can make a living. Because they have their own prejudice and understanding of what is 'good', and the people who follow a critique have a similar view of what is 'good', or at least respect that critiques viewpoint.

So it just depends on what you're writing for. Are you writing for fun? Then ignore the negative reviews. Are you writing to improve? Then try and find any valuable critiques inside of the negative reviews.

You're probably right. I might be too 'nice' when it comes to reviews, but I still find the rating below 2 stars too harsh. I mean, unless the grammar and the style are catastrophic, the plot is non-existent and the characters are one-dimentionnal, I don't think novels should be rated that low. Well, that's my way of rating stories, but I don't think there are any stories which are that bad on RRL.

Thus being said, it's true that you can never be totally objective. Even I tend to overate stories, especially when it comes to my favourites. Which is why I took the habitude to ignore the rating below 2 stars and only read the content. It might be the best way to have an overall idea of the stories, and decide what novel to read next~
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I don't understand why there is a story rating in the reviews? The style, grammer, and character are all useful and meaningful things which a person can comment on, but how can anyone comment on the in the plot? For one, you really should wait until a novel finishes before you can say whether the story was a good one. And secondly, I don't understand what good it is for an author to hear that someone doesn't like the "story" component of the, does the reviewer have a problem with the premise? How do you grade how much you like a premise of a story before it's finished? And why not stop reading and not review since it seems that the story is not your kind of story?
To boil down my hate of the "story" reviewing aspect, it comes down to being really useless to the author as they can't really can't do anything about it and secondly for people who don't like the "story" they clearly have an irreconcilable difference of taste to the author and would be better off finding something else. I don't mean to sound like a meany whiner with the perspective of an author. As a reader, I don't read anything I don't like the story of, and I certainly don't see why I should tell the author that.
It's like commenting on bands/singer of a completely different kind of genre that you know you don't like, to tell them you don't like it/them. Why?
In the same respect, an author should never take to heart reviews that basically are from a reader who doesn't like your type of story. An author has authority over their story and it's not really useful telling them that you don't like their "story" as the author can't cater for any particular readers opinion. Hell, if even the consensus is that the "story" is bad, then the author is better of continuing the story as intended, but just never try to write for that market again.
In short, my opinion everyone has the right to say that they dislike a web novel/web serial but there is no need to review the "story" part of the novel, whatever the "story" is actually defined as, since it's meaningless...stupid to put it bluntly. Obviously for something not-serial then commenting on the story can make more sense as it explains to others, friends etc, what you like. But it's no good telling the author.
An author shouldn't craft a story/premise/plot for it's readers. So it doesn't make sense having that option in the review panel.
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The story category isn't talking about the genre/s the story is in, but how well crafted the story itself is. There are plenty of reasons why a story is poor or great, regardless of whether it is finished or not. That part of the rating is there for a reason.
Personally I link it to the execution of the story's promise rather than the story itself. That way the only metric by which its success is measured is whether it fulfilled the aims it set for itself.
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