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Black Sheep - A Permadeath LitRPG/LitFPS

[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8)][Image: 8ab5997a-4666-45d4-bf0c-629fbe640f41200x300jpg]In the future a VR game called World Domination, has replaced 'real' warfare. Civilians and infrastructure are spared, but the soldiers still die after losing 50 lives. The ChinKor Republic, hell-bent on literal world domination has invaded Britain, the last bastion of European resistance. The Black Sheep, a unit of convict pilots, is sent in to stem the tide and atone for their crimes. Can they overcome their  distrust of each other, and the hatred of their sadistic guards?[/color]
You're not even going to try to convince people to look at your work?
Lol, I was trying to do this on my phone. didn't realise that the damned thing had actually posted :)

'I rite gud. Vis storee iz gud.' :)

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