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What is the meaning of life?

I find the answers obvious honestly.

The meaning of life is to leave a legacy.
Most life forms do that by having offspring.
The parent's DNA is passed on to the next generation and is refined by evolution.

We humans are able to go beyond that. The legacy for us can be to further our search for knowledge, to leave a mark in history (for the better or the worst), or just to enjoy our time on this world.

About the entropic death of the universe, there is this short story written by Asimov that I find awesome
Twilight Over Arcania - My take on the resurrection theme
Questions like the meaning of life are in my opinion hard to answer because by being alive our answer automatically contains bias. Its like asking someone if you think one of their loved ones is evil, you cant really expect the right answer. So i try and use cause and effect ,if the meaning of life is the cause the effect would be how our species has actually lived which is something that can actually be observed. Throughout humanties time on earth we've moved from small groups to towering megacities; moved from hunter gathering to mass agriculture; manual labout to machine labour. The common trend is we've made life easier in any way we could. This just leaves one simple conclusion the meaning of life is to keep living as long as we can.
There's no single answer, and it always changes. 
For some, it's to find something to do in their life. Some live to thrive for success, others live for faith. There are also those who are just trying their damn hardest to get by to the next day. That same people don't have the luxury of asking questions like that. They live to live. 

If you really want to know the meaning of life, try talking to the old people around you. They know more about life than we do. The closer they are to death, the better chances you have to hear the answer you want to know. Just make sure you're prepared to hear the answers that you don't want to know. Just take your pick from there.

My own pick is to make sure I don't have too many regrets when I'm on my deathbed. Did I help enough people? Did I make enough of a change? Did I live the life I wanted?

What could I've done better? Because unlike a game, or a test, or some work you did, you can't redo life. Thus the wise saying,

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