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Maromar's review list

Hey Maromar,
When you have time, can you review my fic:
It's a dungeon reincarnation story and summoned hero story, with a pretty unique setting and magic system. Only 6 (probs 7 by the time you have a moment spare) chapters so far, but they're long, averaging around 4.5-5k.
It's a dungeon/portal fic in a more serious tone, but I try and inject a splash of humor where I can. It's only a first draft (and I'm a pantser) so there might be a few errors, I try to fix them where I find them, but inevitably some will slip through. Still, I hope you get time to read it, and more importantly enjoy it.
If you are willing, a critical review on my story would be greatly appreciated. PM or public review are both fine, since I am trying to improve my story.

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