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here is the post synthesis that I have drafted for newbie and inexperienced writer

here is the packed material for reference,you don't need to follow 100% though :

here is one of my post that give advise how "not" to write it

this will help you writing better and less grammar mistake (if it not compatible then you check google with keyword "spelling check",there are other similar website there,I hear the google doc is very good,it make editing more easy and maybe less grammar mistake,and it also auto save so no worry about forget to save it ) (another website that check the grammar,also very good,I heard) (I recommend noredink for improving grammar, be warned though, it is extremely tough and that's coming from someone who speaks and writes in English on a day to day basis. But I can guarantee results, I mean just look at how well formatted this comment is XD. { comment from other user} )

and also there is some website like this that can help you a lot in writing better

and if you are not know how to write right and how to use this website then check the forum (if you are a bit lazy then here is one of a good guide for you)

this may help you a bit in coding and make table for this website

and for naming stuft ,just search "fantasy name generator",there are other version like japan,city,world map name generator,too ,here is a example

there are another good character development manga,and aslo interesting one,and you don't need your teamate have to be like you in order to follow you,like he follow you because your target is the same as him (revenge,to get some difficul location or some stuft,..) or because his friend/lover was want to follow you and he cann't let his friend/lover go alone,or just follow because of some benefit (maybe a benefit that only mc can provide ) something like that

when you writing the talking part,you should write like this so it more clearer to read and more easy to find error when you are editing,and also help in character developing (this is for reference,so you don't have to 100% write like that) ,example from this novel conversation : 

The other tall man with a beard seemed to reach out for something.

“Don’t touch that!” Malsour barked across the room.

The man’s eye met Malsour’s with an annoyed expression.

“We’re not sure if that will destroy everything in a ten foot radius or plant a forest for ten miles!” Malsour yelled.

“Bob, what the hell is this place?” The man asked.

“Well, good of you to ask, Water.” Bob said with a smile as he walked over to Malsour.

Fire looked pale as she crossed her arms protectively over the very visible stomach bump.

“What the hell are all of these things doing in the same place and what is that over there?” She asked, pointing right at the ‘sun’ and mana wells.

“Damned bomb factory in here.” Malsour muttered.

“Malsour Dracul, you will explain what you are doing with such dangerous magic!” Fire demanded just as the door to the lab closed, Dave and Deia walking in.

“Bob! What the hell, dude? This is supposed to be a secret lab! Not a damned tourist attraction!”

“I wanted to show them the stuff we’ve been working on. They’re some of the oldest people after me and they do have a lot of knowledge about magic,” Bob said.

that from this novel ,it very good (and that how most conversation in english  look like )

I found two good manga here,one is very interesting and have a very good character developing (like the male character don't need to "like" him just to follow the mc) ,the other is a badass and quite realistic when it come to thinking and dealling with the problem,but he still likeable and not necessary to be a jerk (although I feel the web novel is better than the ligh novel version a bit,but you should read this since the novel is quite a bit confusing at first part)

and if you have a "power creep" problem then check this video in the post comment ,it do show a way to solve it (btw this post is also talk about the dungeon problem and how to solve it if you are a dungeon writer)

this one not only show how to do a background building for main character,he even point out and thoughts all the problem it have with the cultivate world and the main character in every cultivate novel ever ,must read this chapter to learn it (no need to read from begining)

try google "the basic rules of storytelling" ,there are some quick and good tips there that you can check out

btw have you check those novel ? ,some of them is very good with can use for reference (check my review to know what to expect ) (very good one) (just check the top 4 review)
I think you mean inexperienced, not inexperiment.
(31-07-17, 10:39 PM)Tanaka Tomoyuki Wrote: I think you mean inexperienced, not inexperiment.

thank for point it out
Ah, thank you very much for your consideration, royaldarkness.
If there are ever any grammatical nuances I'm unsure of, I'll be sure to use your references.

As an aside, I've already begun writing a story on this website. I welcome you to give it a look here:
If you spot any noticeable issues, or are just simply enjoying the story, please feel free to drop some comments.

Have a wonderful day. Sincerely, docemoon145.
here is more ideal :
in this novel chapter (and previous),when the noble of east trying to secret planing to rebel the king because of the action and hear about the new change of system that is oppose the noble (and one part is because it hindering their greedy action),the king (mc) have come here (of course with hiding protection to deal with those who still try to rebel) and explain the benefit and advance of this new system (of course some of them will try to point the disadvantage out ) so not only you will find and deal with the problem you even get more ally,in this case of novel is more than 50% of them stop trying to rebel (since the benefit outweigh the risks and cons here ,so why try rebel if this new system can let you have chance to get even more power and wealth here than when you are a noble) ,if you worrying about that the bad guy can in position that hindering the mc then just let them in a position that make them too busy to compete with each other ,and also find a way to make sure those bad influence is contained and even a way to fish out a talent there (just make a condition/reward that make sure they don't back stab you and woala ,you have a good functional kingdom/organization now) ,if that stilln't enough then just make sure they won't get in a key/important position and you good to go

in this chapter ,the reason why that monkey monster not stay in they area and begin to move/attack the other area is because the other tribe nearly overhunt them which make those monkey monster scared and run away to make new home in other area
so one conclusion :
I like the fact that the Monkey invasion is not an evil plot by an evil mastermind behind the scenes, but a mistake, it adds realism when every problem has a reason not necessarily world shaking.

btw you should read this novel ,it super good and have very good character developing and quite realistic reaction and her act here (and have good part when it come to do past story and a way she deal with that pain here)

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