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Advice for starting up

I'm planning on beginning my own serial soon-ish, but I don't have the confidence in being able to keep up a steady pace of daily/weekly submissions. 

Would you recommend that someone in my situation write up several chapters/10k words in advance and post them all at once or just go with the first chapter and start publishing from there? 

Also, I heard that upcoming novels are first held for review in case of plagiarism. I'm a little concerned because, through a series of circumstances, I happened to use Grammarly for a short time and it apparently detected my first chapter as plagiarized. How long are novels usually reviewed for, and how frequently are they detected by moderators as plagiarized?
I didn't mention in my post that I only copy-pasted what I had so far into Grammarly, which was only about a third or less of what I plan on writing for my first chapter. Reflecting back on it, I shouldn't have been surprised that a plagiarism detection system could consider such a small piece to be similar to others. 

Thanks for the advice! I'll hopefully be able to submit my first chapter in the coming days.
What do u use Grammarly for? Because I used it some time ago, and honestly, it sucks.   :/
If you use it just for proofing, Ms. Word's proofing is enough, IMO.

Now, I don't know how the mods review the fictions, but I don't think plagiarism is something you have to worry about this early. I'm sure your fiction won't be rejected unless it's really, really bad in quality or almost identical to another fiction. Do you know how many fictions with similar concepts are in this site? Reincarnation, VR, etc...
That should give you an idea about what they consider as plagiarism. As long as you don't monetize your work, you're pretty much in the clear.

Worst case, your fiction gets rejected, then you can ask them about it, make the necessary changes, and resubmit.

About the rate of submission, as Tanaka said, just go with your pace. If it's your first time writing, you might need some time to find that sweet spot.
What works for me is to write a bunch and then upload it all at once for the first few chapters. This will get you that first batch of readership as well as a spot in Trending. After that, (when the number of followers has stopped increasing rapidly) you can decide on a schedule and start publishing your chapters one at a time.

This is all hypothetical, though. My only real advice is for you to have fun writing it, because that's what will keep you going.
There's been too many dropped fictions in this site, so make sure your fiction isn't one.


Spoiler:  My fictions
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I was compelled to use Grammarly based on the features they seemed to offer, specifically the one where they recommend a variety of alternate words to help "diversify and liven" text. It can be a daunting experience trying to find higher level words to use in a novel, especially since they're not words one normally uses in everyday conversation. 

Thanks for the advice once again! I expect my first chapter to reach at least 4k words, so saving up multiple chapters to release all at once probably wouldn't fit my style; I am anxious to obtain feedback earlier on so that I won't make mistakes later.
Also, if you want to be really serious about your schedule, you might want to consider making a backlog of a few chapters to cover anywhere from a few weeks to a month or more.  This is just in case something happens in real life, though if there's some sort of SNAFU in the story it can also help a little bit there, too.

But, again, this isn't a requirement -- this is just a "I want to take this as seriously as possible"-type suggestion, which might not even be what you're going for.
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here the link to the post that I have drafted here,it have a lot of material for a new writer here that could be usefull
Thanks for the resource! :))

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