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My Demons

My Demons is fiction book that involves angels, demons, and Latin spells. It is a fiction book. This is also the first book I ever wrote so grammar will not be beautiful. I will post the book description below.

Tess is your average eighteen year old girl, or at least she was. Then demons and angels decided to enter her life. Tess is part of a rare group of humans called Seers. They help protect the world from things like demons. Most people would be happy about this, but Tess is definitely not. Her definition of fun isn't fighting for your life every waking moment, and making sure to look over her shoulder twice.

Silas is Tess's guardian angel. After Tess discovers her powers he gets enlisted to help her; More then just his every day guarding job. He is Tess's eyes into the supernatural world and a very important piece in keeping her safe. Silas soon discovers something that isn't in his job description, he begins to develop feelings for Tess which is highly forbidden. He has to choose between his job and the one person he is supposed to value most.

Can't you see? I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue.......

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