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Review for a review

So, I am now halfway done with my latest work and have not a single review... I believe that should change.

Here is the deal, If you review my work, I will do my best to give you a fair review as well. No need to mince your words either, tear it apart if you want to as long as you offer some advice on how to make it better.

Genre: Fantasy

page count: 203


After a horrendous winter, Erik decides to find a cause to life for together with his two friends Cara and Alaric. They join the Blackriver rebellion and begin their journey through the ranks on different paths.
Cara is being trained as a spy to infiltrate Goldhill and learn what she can without being discovered.
Alaric begins his journey as a scribe and quickly discovers a knack for strategy and troop deployment.
Erik joins the Shocktroops and ventured behind enemy lines to cause as much confusion and destruction as possible to slow down the enemy.
Three perspectives, one war and two sides which seem to be more alike than either of them realises.
I'm making my way through your story. I'll post a review once I've organized my thoughts on it a bit. If you would like to review mine in turn that would be cool, mine has gotten to be kind of long though so don't feel obligated to if it will take too much of your time.
Read my story if you want it's called Once More
I will check out your story! Might take me a while though^^
I'll have a go at reading your story. I recently joined rrl (<2 months ago) and I haven't read anything yet, so yours will be my first on the site!

If you want, you can read and review mine in exchange:

I've only been posting weekly and there's not much to read (101 pages). Also, the way I've been writing it is pretty unique. There's 6 'main' chapters and 6 'notes' atm (you'll understand once/if you start).

The unique style and lack of proper character development due to limited material may put you off but I hope you enjoy nonetheless!
I will defintely check your story out!
I will give your story a read and review forsure, though it might be between Monday and Tuesday before you start seeing comments roll in. Our page counts are almost identical so that's cool. My story

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