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NEETpurple's Art

Greetings Residents of the web.

I'm NEETpurple, named for obvious reasons. Been a lurker in RRL for awhile and it's about time I step out of the shadows to get to know more people with similar interests as me.

I am somewhat of an artist since I've been drawing for as long as I could remember and I do take some requests for my own practice but if possible I'll prioritize commissions if there are.

Don't really have a definite art style since I'm easily influenced from other works I find really good. 
but here's some example of my works:

[Image: dacd8a88efc3c091b0e5bf2ecefca174-d5uw16s.jpg]

[Image: bb_the_gnome_psion_by_tenshi_zetsumei-dblxmp8.jpg]

[Image: happy_halloween_2017_by_tenshi_zetsumei-dbsbcqa.png]

[Image: thompson_by_tenshi_zetsumei-dc57kmm.jpg]

[Image: grea_by_tenshi_zetsumei-dbphpcx.jpg]

[Image: ludwig_queen_by_tenshi_zetsumei-dbqug8c.jpg]

[Image: christmas_2012_by_tenshi_zetsumei-d5q0d1x.jpg]

[Image: erebus_by_tenshi_zetsumei-dbre8o9.jpg]

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