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Is there a story with a plot like this? I don't want to plagiarize someone.

I know of similar stories (both robots or virtual games) out there but I wouldn't think much about looking for them. There are only so many frameworks and genres for stories and chance is high that you'll never write something truly original in your life. Most stories are 80-90% the same, because their framework exists and works in the genre. "The Hero's Journey" is something you can find nearly anywhere. Don't look for stories that have the same 80%, concentrate on your 20% and make them your own.

So think more about why nuclear powers throw their weapons away and go full game wars. Was there a war before? if so, how did the landscape change and what are the new superpowers. How do countries train their virtual armies, how do you prevent "cheating" or bots, how do the people in the fought over cities/nations feel if they have new rules after someone lost a game of pong?

Try to build your own world, find your own answers and write your own conflict. And you have a story of your own story. Don't look for over stories because you'll read them and change your own story because you find things more intersting, too similar, better paced, etc. The more you compare and search, the easier you change your own story. Just think about how Star Wars would have turned out, if they had feared to plagiarize all those classical "boy becomes hero and saves the princess". What makes it special are the 20% "Let's throw it into space, chance some names and put nice effects on it".

So... don't bother and just write =)
Mountain Shelter - A story about people building a medieval town without modern knowledge or OP-Cheats.
(13-03-18, 09:57 PM)Tanaka Tomoyuki Wrote: Rewriting Star Wars is one thing, and yes, even if you change every noun, adjective and verb, that is still subject to plagiarism. But it is not plagiarism if you write about a farm boy on a desert planet fighting against a galactic empire by using magic powers (unless you lliterally paraphrase the paragraphs in the story word by word).
Oh, but it can be. It can totally be. 

I haven't misinterpreted you. I'm just telling you that if your story is similar enough to another story, even if not at the prose level, you can still be plagiarizing. And whether or not you did it will be decided by a judge when George Lucas sues your ass, not you, not me, not the RRL community.

Edited to add that the OP doesn't need to worry anyway, because (taking their words at face value, of course) if their story ends up being too similar to another story that is already out there, it would turn out to be accidental plagiarism, and you can't be punished for accidental plagiarism. It's good that they are asking, though, because "not being punished" is not the same as "not being sued", and being sued is a terrible headache even if you aren't found guilty.
If you say so. I'll just concede to your superior knowledge of law and intellectual property.

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