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I need your help!!!

Hello, Everyone.

i have a lot of story. and all of it stuck on my laptop. only as a file, no one read it except me.
so, here i am. undefined

i am not really good at english(still learning), my grammar is the main problem i think.

and some of stories i wrote is in Indonesia Language. i've got so many stories that i can't keep writing about it,

and so, i begin to write a new story called "Broken" and like i said, i need proofreader for this one before i post it. 
1 chapter is only contains 1100 words or more (depends on my mood, lol) 
and it's going to 5/6 chapter if someone wants to help me for proofreading, not now, it's only 2 chapters now, still got 3 or 4 chapters again. if anyone wants to help me, please let me know!


And for my other stories, i have a lot like i said, if anyone out there wants to work together, just let me know, we can choose which stories we want to work on. yeah, together. -v- 


before that, my stories are all Yuri (??) aka Girls Love
if you don't like it or hate it or you are a person who can't deal with this stuff, you can step out from this thread.
but, if you are willing to help please please please contact me.

Thank you!!!
Hi! So nice to see someone from WKWK Land here. XD

My activities here are sporadic so I can't do anything long-term, but I can help you with a few chapters, maybe even help translate your stories.

If you're okay with me, send me a PM.  Cheers~
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