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The CrInGe-FeSt!

Welcome to the most serious competition ever devised: The CrInGe-FeSt.

What is 'The CrInGe-FeSt'?


Basically, write the first chapter to a fiction you never want to see exist, by say... April 1st, sometime around noon UTC+0. (Totally not planned...)
And don't worry about it being so close to the date. As you'll see the point after you read how the scoring works but basically, if these take you more than half an hour to an hour, you're taking home the try-hard award.

Are there any rules to 'The CrInGe-FeSt'?

Well yeah, otherwise I'd probably get banned for this turning into something horrendous.

Rules are:

1) Don't be offensive. 

Basically don't bash things agressively, don't be the obvious cancer and no outright hateful words. I'm aiming for this contest to mainly be about letting steam off about cliches and annoyances in other's fictions, like OP little girls calling everyone Onii-chan obnoxiously and four fifths of the chapter being pointless exposition. Offensive things will probably just be deleted by staff, and not credited in the contest.

2) 500 words at least, though, I will probably be lienient on this. I just want people to read enough to satisfy the obvious self-hatred they have for reading the entries for this contest with any seriousness.

3) Label warnings. 

The warnings are, again, mainly to make sure that this contest doesn't get purged, people don't read what they aren't to their liking and so on. And these are the RRL warnings I'm talking about, say labelling profanity, sexual content, Gore and traumatising content. Though, feel free to add in any tags or other warnings outside of RRL, like 'poor grammar' if you feel like it's important.

4) Use spoiler tags over your entry.

Spoiler tags are just to make the entries easier to read, and give options for which ones the readers really want to see. Do them by typing:

[spoiler] (your 'amazing' entry) [/spoiler]

5) Have fun. This is clearly a serious contest, but... 

Who am I kidding? It isn't. Honestly, the entire point is to have fun trying to annoy readers into submission with every literary crime you can get away with. Any seriousness is just misses the point, which is why the rules will be decently lax and the voting below is the way it is (Apart from the 1st and 3rd rules, which will be taken seriously.)

How does the scoring work?

People will submit entries into this thread with comments.

Whenever I end the contest's entry stage, I will make a google form with all the applicants and give everyone a choice to vote for them. Everyone voting gets to pick three entries to vote for, however...

By like the 3rd, the entry with the LEAST votes will WIN and the entry with the MOST votes will LOSE and be dubbed 'The Try-hard'. 

I'd advise people to vote for the entry they most want to read as a real fiction, but if the voter wants to be a troll, the writers will just have to deal with it.

What is the point?

You're missing the point by asking. Good job!


Cringest-fest Entry. Title: My Imouto is OP, but hey, I'm not that bad...

Tags: litrpg, Male MC. Warnings: Use of the word 'Baka' many times.

Member of WriTE. The most apathetic member...
In the spirit of this competition, I wrote this immediately. Please suffer its existence.

Title: It's Only to be Expected
Tags: Male MC, Wuxia, Cringe(hopefully)
The author of Frontrunners, a LITRPG set in a modern day apocalypse. Check it out here.
Cringe-fest title entry: “Heeeeey, bastard.”

Warnings: Profanity
Tags: Teen, School, Stupidity.

The Mad Scientist of WriTE. I write sci-fi, in particular, The Zone. And you're probably not gonna read it.  *Grumbles* No one reads sci-fi. 

Voting has begun. Time for the battle of the century (lol) to be decided once and for all, by you! You have until the 4th of April to decide!


Member of WriTE. The most apathetic member...
Waiting for results.
The Mad Scientist of WriTE. I write sci-fi, in particular, The Zone. And you're probably not gonna read it.  *Grumbles* No one reads sci-fi. 


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