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Espers of Wonderland

ESPers of Wonderland
Alice could use what her father called magic clear back in her earliest memories. It wasn’t until March 4th of her seventh year birthday party when her childhood friend Lutz whom could also use magic created illusionary mice; that she heard the term esper (Extra Sensory Perception user) from the other children there that day. Now five years latter she and Lutz were 7th graders going to a junior high school called Wonderland specially made for espers. Wonderland only had one hundred and twenty students ranging 7th through 9th grade the school was financed largely by her father.
Getting ready for school Alice brushed her long, thick, blond hair, which hangs down her back and ends at her waist. Her fair complexion and bright blue eyes looked back at her from the looking glass.
“Alice please be more diligent, father will scold me if you don’t eat a proper breakfast before going to school.” Her sister chided with a British accent from the doorway looking at the messy bedroom. She was predicting that Alice would either be late for school or not properly eat her breakfast. Thinking it would take a considerable amount of time to clean up this mess. Seemingly the only things in their proper place were the books that she read Alice lessons from and the furniture to heavy for the twelve year old girl to move.
Alice grins mischievously as she uses her psychic abilities to make everything her sister sees in the mirror appear upside down. As her sister’s curiosity is captured and she takes a closer look in the mirror Alice rushes out the door.
“Alice wait you need to tidy this mess before breakfast...! What? When did you?” Her sister exclaimed looking around the now immaculate room. In the five seconds it took Alice to run out the door she used telekinesis to clean up her room; everything flew to their rightful places. In the two years the siblings had been apart Alice’s abilities had improved by inconceivable amounts.
At the table Alice tucked in and spread a cloth napkin across her lap before leisurely eating her British style breakfast that consisted of bacon, sausage, hash brown, beans, mushrooms, tomato, and an egg.
On the way to school her driver stopped and picked up her neighbor and childhood friend Lutz. Lutz had blond spiky hair he was taller than Alice and often spoke nonsense which often frustrated her but generally meant they got along great. He was good at illusions and made an animated mouse to tease her cat when they were very young. Lately he’d taken to projecting the illusionary mouse all the time and called it his wizards familiar.              
Wonderland obviously didn’t have the normal curriculum; being a school for espers it focused on teaching them to develop their PSI powers. The three main PSI powers that that all esper abilities fall under are rise, trance, & burst; rise is for self-strengthening and increasing awareness think super human, trance is thought waves illusions mind control ethereal form to thoughts, & burst is rending waves telekinesis rendering corporeal form to thoughts.
Pyrokinesis, precognition, teleportation, dowsing, scrying, telepathy, etcetera, etcetera all psychic abilities use one or a combination of the three main PSI powers.
Ten years before Alice’s birth extrasensory perception was recognized globally as real and irrefutable. A census was done on the baby population after astronomical records of people claiming their children could levitate toys or conjure up their own nightlights. The count confirmed that one in every one hundred children under two years old had psychic ability. Today twenty two years latter more accurate census has esper baby count at 2%.
Science can’t yet pin down the cause of the sudden psychic baby boom; they have confirmed that it’s not passed down through genes or some sort of DNA contagion. The Japanese believe esper population and PSI power are related to ley lines and locations. But despite everyone’s best efforts nobody has been able to ether increase or decrease the probability of esper birthrate. Psychic couples have the same chance of having psychic children as anyone else; too many powerful organizations frustration. Even if you had twins having two espers in the same family was almost unheard of; they were that rare.
Human trafficking became a big problem for a few years after the supernatural started to become more natural. But with the efforts of several governments and unique individuals kidnapping came to a screeching halt. Would be abductors ran into several problems right from the start; as you can imagine its no small task to spirit someone away whom can communicate with others from thousands of miles away even unconscious. Of course not everyone had such power with telepathy, or astral projection to be able to cry for help in such situations. But even much weaker espers were often looking for those missing and scrying their location over a map took surprisingly little PSI power.
There are a lot of abilities that are put to use in lowering crime rates and fortunately most people don’t turn their gifts towards the life of crime. Unfortunately most people that do turn their gifts towards crime are the most powerful espers the world has ever known.
One such example of a powerful esper gone wrong would be Loong Cheng a Chinese psychic who with an ability best described as spirit bomb he devastated fully one third of Asia’s population. The spirit bomb did no physical damage but left everyone effected in a state that would best be described as soulless. They didn’t die but could no longer be called human they instantly stopped talking and walking on two legs for all intents and purposes they became animals. He didn’t mean for it to have that effect he was just trying to target other espers so that his power would go unchallenged. The spirit bomb did affect psychics more harshly; if the average person became an animal then espers became vegetables. In a comatose state most affected espers died within a few days many were extracted from China and placed in hospitals but remain in comas.
Cheng secreted away towards northwestern China hunted by the entire world until he used his ability a few more times on much smaller scales. He is currently at large and has established himself as a warlord. He has made allies with at least two other powerful espers their names and locations are unknown.
His victims were originally treated like the mentally ill but they continued to act much more like predatory apes than stricken people they seemed to be in no way incapacitated simply changed unlike anything seen before. Victims had much higher survival rates in the wild than in the best caring facilities or psychiatric wards and mental hospitals. Best case scenario victims in captivity started taking on the mentality of pets purring, playing some were mildly helpful with extremely simple tasks. But more often than not they were snarling and gashing their teeth or worst case scenario they would debilitate and fall into comas.
Victims of Loong Cheng became known as wildlings they were feral extremely smart when compared to most predators yet undeniably animalistic. Many people were killed by wildlings but they mostly targeted livestock if that was viable. Wildlings crippled the world for the better part of three years despite everyone’s best efforts to help them or more likely that was simply a pressure of trying to help them. They killed more of their own population than we ever did simply because they refused to congregate in packs bigger than about twelve for long periods of time. They often came together in congregations of several hundreds sometimes thousands could be seen on beaches, fields, and otherwise abandoned cities. But after about half a day together they’d start fighting if packs didn’t form and split off from the masses.
Many people described them liken to zombies from horror stories and they could truly be a terror when mobbing a food source be it an orchard, ranch, or city wildlings were a predator to be feared.
Eventually something had to be done and it was. People were hesitant to kill them for obvious reasons. It was discovered that they were a little more mild mannered around espers. Espers with strong trance PSI abilities were recruited to capture and tame wildlings. It was decided that tamed wildlings would be sent to be cared for by espers around the globe. Asian espers volunteered to take more of Loong Cheng’s victims than any others sometimes taking a full pack of twelve.     
Many espers had been helping with the wildling problem from the start but not enough the demand for them was just too high and most were under eighteen years old. With their parents blessing; espers were allowed to help with the wildling crisis at as young an age as ten years old.
Alice’s father originally refused to let her take part in the wildling culling project even though she pleaded with him for three months after her tenth birthday to let her go and make a difference. His better judgment finally got the better of him when the neighbor boy Lutz also turned ten the two children talked him into going with them acting as Lutz’s guardian as well as his own daughter’s. Alice and Lutz spent two years capturing wildlings. The culling made a huge difference but was incomplete with thousands of wildling still making nuisances of themselves.
The reason they stopped was because during the last six months of their efforts to cull the wildlings a criminal element showed its ugly head and her father decided it was getting to dangerous. Turns out he was right on their last week in China when they were making plans to come home and an attack against them was made.
It was the most awful day of Alice’s life because both her childhood friend and father were badly injured protecting her. Lutz lost his left arm just below the shoulder and her father was crippled with a broken spine never to walk again.
The group that attacked sent two dozen ravenous feral wildlings into their living courters an abandoned hotel building. They were equipped with bladed gauntlets and body armor to increase their killing capacity.
Among the gun wielding humans were two espers with tremendous skill and PSI power such that nobody that was not an esper could hope to go up against them. One was a silver short haired female in her mid twenties wearing leather vest and skirt. She created and threw white burst lances that had incredible penetrating force demolishing everything they hit. The other attacking esper was a child wearing white cloth robes who laughed manically as he slaughtered friend and foe alike. His powers consisted of heat and explosions but were otherwise invisible excepted for the destruction they left in their wake.      
Even with all those wildlings running before them used as cannon fodder they were greatly out numbered but it mattered not at all. They had surprise and intent to kill on their side. The culling force had only been trained exclusively in none lethal attack and defense. They were only able to put up a token resistance in the end a dying esper teleported Alice’s group three miles away to an airport. Alice, Lutz, and her father got on an airplane to Tokyo a week later they returned home to Virginia.
Alice was only home two days before starting school she thought Lutz should wait a few weeks. But he insisted on starting the same day as her even made her promise to pick him up on the way to school that morning. Before getting out of the car he cast an illusion on his left arm making it look full and healthy.

After walking through the front gate to Wonderland Lutz turned around he now had on an illusionary felt-top hat with a mouse running around the brim. He grabbed the illusionary hat with his illusionary hand bowed to Alice flourishing it to his waist. “Welcome to wonderland my good lady” Lutz exclaimed!
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In the first paragraph there are code parts that make reading it horrible.
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You might want to think twice before you try to use a man's conscience against him. It might just turn out he doesn't have one.

(25-03-15, 04:13 PM)DarkSun Wrote: In the first paragraph there are code parts that make reading it horrible.

Sorry about that, Those tables don't work anymore. Fixed thanks.
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