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Site Updates 10/08

Dear Penguins,

As some of you might have already notices, we have pushed out a site update last night as we are working towards V2.5's (sadly delayed) release. The changes:
  • (01/08) Fixed the inbox bug in the top right corner. Now the inbox dropdown actually works as intended.
  • (07/08) Added new fiction sorting options to the fiction menu: Top 50 Active (will rename it later to reflect the latest site updates) and Popular This Week (which is an extension of the top weekly active list already on the bottom of the homepage).
  • Removed the JavaScript scroller from the fiction lists
  • Fixed the bug where the advanced search button defaulted to form submission until the JavaScript loaded.
  • Paginated all fiction lists. The new list only displays 20 items at a time and allows you to step as much as 5 pages, displaying the complete fiction list according to your sorting.
  • Replaced the home page header links on mobile devices with a hamburger menu to allow some devices to access the menu that had issues with scrolling the page before.
I will miss when the inbox gave me messages from our alien overlords. But anyways, good job Kana.
Helping supervise a few groups while writing, moderating, and looking up how to do game design. I don't have any fictions to particularly share that I'm writing right now.
Thanks a lot)
Why is the actual reading side of this website not working right now? When I try to go to home it says you don't have permission to view this directory or page.
The problem has fixed itself

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