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Published RRL Authors

Updated! I think I got everyone.
The Blue Mage Raised By Dragons

Elder Lich Saga

New Era Online

How To Avoid Death On Daily Basis

World Seed

Rules-Free VRMMO Life

Into the Black

A Dragon's Curiosity

Martial Void King

Overthrowing Fate

Dragon's Soul

Adventures on Brad (An Adventurer's Heart)

Pitch Black Dream

The Destroyer

Lion's Quest

End Online

I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy

100 Luck and the Dragon Tamer Skill
Being on RRL, I guess that includes me.

The Accidental Archmage: Book One - Ragnarok Rising (ebook/Kindle Unlimited/print). Had a two-day free download promo last September 2017 for dedicated readers. May repeat for a day as Christmas present this December. As usual, will post details on book page when the schedule is fixed.

The Accidental Archmage: Book Two - Gifts of the Greeks (ebook/Kindle Unlimited; on preorder status - to be released 28 November 2017; though may be earlier)

All doing the Amazon BSR trampoline.

Epic Fantasy
The Accidental Archmage Series
Book One - Ragnarok Rising (Now on Amazon. KDPS)
Book Two - Gifts of the Greeks (Now on Amazon. KDPS)
Book Three - Blood Wars (Now on RRL. Coming on Amazon. March 2018)
Book Four - Void Lands (Coming on RRL. 2018)

Alternate History / Fantasy
Arcanum Astray - The Remarkable Adventures of Master Professor Lucius K. Henry, S.M. - (Now on RRL. On-going. Coming on Amazon. 2018)

STORIES OF ADAR: Tales from the Abyss (Now on RRL. Ongoing)

On Hold.
Manus Dei - (RRL. Pending rewrite) - Contemporary Fantasy
Virus in the Player: A LitRPG Satire - (On RRL. Pending rewrite) - Fantasy-Satire
Don't think this is being updated anymore but I'll throw mine in here - finally out. :)

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

Of Astral and Umbral - the drafts of the first ~5+ books are available here on RRL and my website. Book One: Beneath the Mists, is available via various retailers in ebook, paperback, and hardback.
The Bridge, A Science Fiction Survival Story has been published.
My (Science) Fiction - Desolate Stars.
Go to a new fiction. Review it. Help the little guys.
The Legion of Nothing has been published on Amazon since 2012:

Volume 1

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