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Advertisement issues reports

(02-10-16, 06:01 PM)kanadaj Wrote: Our advertisement agency's dev team promised us a permanent solution within the next weeks as more and more sites are having issues with the redirects. 

We will also soon release a low-cost subscription that removes the ads from the site as a substitute for the revenue.

Apologies about the inconvenience.
Thank you, kanadaj, for all the hard work you and the RRL-team put into this topic. I am looking forward to the subscription option. Thanks again.
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i really hate to say this but recently i have been hit with so many redirects on both mobile and even on my desktop that this site is almost unusable... i'm really sad about this and know its not really your fault but... your ad provider SUCKS.  and i have started to report it but..... theirs just too many of them...

Right now i cant even use the homepage of RRL due to INSTANT redirects to all sorts of crap. sent several reports in a row and have given up for a while.... so sad.....
Please support the authors, they work without pay to bring you these stories!  So please, when asked for donations, donate, and don't be offended.  The author just wants to be paid for the work they enjoy doing, and who doesn't wish for that!
I have noticed a issue where on mobile if there is a large table, it would expand the screen, a way to fix this would be to expand the sides to contain it and make the text larger to match, just an idea is all
I have no lungs but I must sigh.
also see if u can adjust so that instead of video it load up a simpler version of straight picture instead.
this would lower the load and speed up reading speed. a few website i go on to read novel asking for adblock off does them once i turn it off it might slightly slow down and aceptable since i read for free. but video add would keep replay and slow my device so if i see video add i reblock them!!!
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So I'm not too sure where to post this.
   I'm on google chrome (PC) and have a reasonably powerful setup (4770K, 16gb of GSkill DDR3 RAM, and a R9 Fury if it means anything), and I want to browse without using AddBlock, but there seems to be several adds that really slow down the browsing for me, to the degree where my scrolling chugs down to nothing, and a couple of occasions even my Shockwave had to reset, I'm in Australia, if that helps, and it feels like it's more the static image repeating adds, rather than the basic image adds, that do this, but once again, I'm not too sure.
  For now I'll just try to get through, but I really can't be too sure, it's a surprisingly big impact when every time you try to smoothly transition down the page, it just doesn't respond for a second, or cuts to the section, rather than smoothly transition.

EDIT: So I seem to have found that some of the adds affecting me are the "What's on in Sydney" tourism adds, I've seen several of them, and just now when I returned to the page they took ages to load, and were slowing down any action on the page while they loaded, once again, don't know if that helped.
I have received tons of scams pop ups lately like congratulations you won and stuff. I did scans and deleted cookies bit the still keep coming on this site
We have tried multiple ways to get rid of these ads, and we will keep trying. 
But in the meanwhile, the most effective and fast way is to open a support ticket with a URL of the Rule-breaking Ad, so that we can ban it from showing up to you or any other user. 
Please support the site and report these ads.
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This is terrible. I keep getting scam ads saying that I need to update my android version or that I have x number of viruses and then I can't back out of the ad and I lose my place reading. It makes the site completely unusable

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