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Inked Art Request - Gashapon-Art

Preferred Artist : member of Inked
Request : an androgynous demon
Notes : green eyes please, make it badass looking!
Stakes : I will write you a short poem of a subject of your choice upon completion
Seriously tho, have you ever seen an emotional duck? 
Preferred Artist : Anyone on Inked
Request : Clean 4 person group image. setting is comedy.
Notes : It needs a tall hippie Elf in the back, Adult style Alice in wonderland girl to the right. A totally normal human to her left, and a half naked drunk dwarf in the front.
Bonus challenge: sneak in a tentacly appendage coming out from behind the Alice girl, and curling around the humans neck as if about to fondle his hair/ear
Stakes : I'l advertise you in my story.
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