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Interested on becoming an Inked member? Wait no further! You have just taken the first step on the journey of becoming an artist! Wait....what is that? You're already an artist?! Wait no further! You have just taken the first step to world domination! No wait...thats wrong...

Welcome to Inked application page! Please read the information below to find out how to join!

-Firstly, what is this group about and what exactly, sets it apart from the others?

Well, firstly, we are a group of individuals atypical to the usual authors which roams these treacherous parts. What sets us apart from the others is the fact that we are artists!

-What exactly defines an artist in your words?

Artist are creators. The creators of all living thing- wait...thats not it? but it said on the paper....ok ok..

-Why was this group formed?

Forming this group was simply to gather artists both in RRL and all around the vast inter-webs where we can help each other to better our understandings of the artistic values of any creational work. (Whew...big words.)

-What are the goals?

What are our goals? Our motives are simply to encourage and inspire one another and also to gain exposure, hopefully branch out into other medias in preparation for our futures ahead.

-Are there any requirements?

None at all to be honest. Musicians, sculptors, photographers, cosplayers, etc, heck, even people who does caveman paintings are welcome! undefined

Whether you’re a professional, an amateur or a newbie, all of that don’t mean anything here because at the end of the day, what we’re seeking after is improvement within our individual crafts.

-How do we join the group?!

In order to join the group, you’ll have to send us ( or reply here) a sample of your creation, be it a doodle, a song or a sculpture. Whether it’s good or bad, it doesn’t really affect the chances of joining the group so go ahead and drown us with your samples!

-Communication and interaction between members?

We’ll all be hanging out together via a platform ( Discord ), hopefully everyone will be mature adults and not throw insults towards one another, if there is one thing that I absolutely hate, it would be condescending and haughty behavior so please refrain from doing that : ).

-Any last words?

This is a rather chill group so I’m sure you’ll love it here! ( Remember that this is a group formed with intentions of interacting with artists but if you're not going to be doing that, I do not see any point in joining.. )Other than that, I do not really have any comments to add. 

Well, that concludes this post! If anyone has any questions, feel free to raise them in this thread, much thanks!


P.s. Waffie...I copy and pasted...kukukukukuku


DeviantArt group page Click Here! 

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#2 boop i wanna join, send invite to discord on pm please. Also the cat i drew is also posted on my personal facebook so if you find one on google resembling it, its probably from my facebook or stolen from me.
I love a lot of fictions.
When you are addicted to royalroadl but you just keep on going anyway
Also i am gonna just post the music i listen to when writing.
Invited Wink
Hello! My name is Nick, I'm a student aspiring in the path of becoming an artist! Please, accept me as one of your members for I too would like to join a group of artists and people aspiring to become one too.

Here is a sketch of one my old doodles I drew in high school:
Quote:I know I've said this a dozen times but.. AY LMAO


[Image: tumblr_inline_noh27wDdkz1qe6kco_500.gif]

I drew this, can I join? It's actually my first attempt at shading, I'm kind of a new "artist'.
(13-04-18, 09:31 AM)Venge Wrote:
I drew this, can I join? It's actually my first attempt at shading, I'm kind of a new "artist'.

Sure! It is a bit late, but Welcome to Inked! I will send you a discord link in a minute Very Happy

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