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The Pledge

[Image: YKWcrl3.jpg]

Have you ever started reading a story, only for it to get ruthlessly dropped by the author? How many unfinished epics have you endured? How many worlds have you been forced to unwillingly extricate yourself from? Stories were meant to be finished, and they were meant to be finished properly

And that is why Writers to The End has launched “The Pledge;” a concerted effort by the WriTE community to encourage authors to finish their stories, and to discourage authors from leaving their fans hanging. All the stories listed below have made it through our rigorous vetting procedures and are bound by our iron-clad policies (as listed here), all so that you could read them with the assurance that they will be finished!

Important Note: You do not need to sign the pledge to join WriTE and you do not need to join WriTE to sign the pledge.

If you want to read a story, click on a picture below and dive right in! 

Pledged Fictions
Queen of Devouring
By CorpseDead

[Image: queen-of-devouring-full-AKAAipocPAk.jpg]
Do you fear shadows? Elena was born of shadows. Although her name means exactly the opposite of it, is there a shadow without a bright sun? But she soon had to find out that there was an apocalypse, and she was supposed to be the evil monster against the humans. The humans, who were mere mortals not long before her birth. Little did anyone know that she is a legendary creature, who had nothing to do with the apocalypse.

What is the reason behind the apocalypse? That is something everyone would like to know. There is a reason for her birth, which must stay a secret. Can she grow to reach that goal or will she fall? Will she find her own goals as well or she has no way to stop before her final destination? Follow her blood and manipulation filled path to find it out.

By SJ Reaver
[Image: nighthunter-full-AKCNarPdQwk.jpg] Reality shifts and Alexa finds herself trapped in a world far more dark and deadly than the one she knows. Her new body is stronger and faster, and she feels a connection to the magic around her, but it may not be enough to protect the scattered remnants of humanity she comes across.
By Chasedhydra
[Image: symbiote-full-ALAAiF8jPAk.jpg] A red flash ends our world, and Will, too, dies with it...

Or so it was supposed to happen, but he discovers that his memories have been transferred to a genetically engineered baby, many years in the future, who has the power to control organic nanomachines called Nanides.

With many warring factions, a space full of opportunities and a past life that haunts his actions, Will has to change in order to survive in this new, cruel world.
Spell Analyst
By DeMante

[Image: spell-analyst-full-AHDLqW4kPAk.jpg]
Jude a Systems Analyst and Murl a Physicist find a new universe created through absorbing information from our own.  This universe is quite different as it was overly influenced by computers.  During one experiment to create avatars to explore said universe the two get sucked in themselves.  Somehow Jude gets sent thousands of years later than Murl and he finds himself in a world of magic and swords.  However, there is a game like system that seems to control everything.  

Jude decided to gain levels and power so that he can find out what happened to his friend Murl.  Along the way, he stumbles across a quest that will lead him to the truth of the Universe.
Everybody Loves Large Chests
By Exterminatus
[Image: 1b898b86-e898-4630-9769-d174690f3515200x300png] Large chests are said to encompass all manner of hopes and dreams. Men covet them. Women envy them. But one fact holds true - everyone wants to get their hands on some big ones.

The same holds true for one intrepid adventurer - a strapping young lad by the name of Himmel. Armed with his grandfather’s trusty long-sword and the dream of being the strongest, he sets out on the journey of a lifetime! It is sure to be a long and dangerous road, fraught with danger! And it all starts with a simple test - reach Level 5 in the dungeon called the ‘newbie zone’ and earn the right to become a full-fledged adventurer!

However, such things get hopelessly derailed when his adolescent mind beholds an exposed chest for the first time. A fateful meeting that would inevitably lead his life in a direction he never even dreamed of!
Lone, The Wanderer
By Lone

[Image: lone-the-wanderer-full-AMBA42QhPAk.jpg]
Over and over and over. Darren's life has been a never-ending rotation of the same routine and the only thing he wants is change. He desires this because his hatred for people is driving him over the edge due to his parent's debt, which is pushing him into the deep end of his depression. During a regular visit to the bank to pay off some of this debt, he gets his much-needed change.

Accompany our protagonist while he gets his desired changes in his new life as The Lone Wanderer. A man with a strong foundation and a desire to grow while he continues his story in a new world where he is attempting to establish a foothold in a strange new place filled with magic, skills, bloodlines and other powers he has yet to discover.
Shovels In Spades
By Lone

[Image: shovels-in-spades-full-AMBA_mEhPAk.jpg]
We all have dreams of becoming powerful, becoming the cool mage that rules the world, becoming the dashing rogue who steals the entire treasury of a Kingdom, or perhaps, the valiant knight whose prowess on the battlefield is unmatched by all.
However, when the apocalypse strikes, you can only use what you have at your disposal, be that guns, baseball bats, your fists, or maybe, just maybe, shovels.
One young man who goes by the name of Darenzo has just had his world altered into one that is now the focal point of some sort of experiment.
Just at the end of his shift in the recycling centre, a worldwide announcement was made that not only changed Darenzo's life but the lives of all of the inhabitants of Earth.
Now Darenzo's main hope of survival in this new world is to find as many shovels as he can because they are his chosen support. Without them, he would be incomplete, it is now time to watch him soar and spread his wings. Some people were built to live in an apocalyptic world, Darenzo is one such person.
Valley of Titans' Tales
By Mech

[Image: nLLkt9n.png]
In a realm of fantasy, filled with great wonders but also dangers, the Gods and Goddesses’ mortal creations: Humans, High Elves, Amanis, Barakas, Castanics, Elins, and Poporis, blinded by their own nature and desires,are tied in a cruel wheel of destiny, as darkness and corruption prowl the realm to corrupt and deform them to the point of no return.
Their short-sighted ideals and racial barriers led to long, constant wars, destroying all possibilities for peace. And when they finally realized their tremendous mistakes, they could no longer undo them, no matter how much they tried, and slowly fell into the crude gears of destiny. Except, when all hope had been extinguished and all possible solutions were swept away by the hands of darkness, an unknown black-haired magician bestowed another chance to this realm overwhelmed by the darkness, by turning back the hands of time.
After time rewinded, opportunities revealed themselves. The next step needed to save the realm was for someone to take ahold of those opportunities.
But…none remembered even a sliver of the bleak future, mildly drawing near to them like a spider closing in a helpless prey.
Will they be able to change the bleak future? Or will history repeat itself again, as if destiny itself is taking charge?
By NaziShina

[Image: constantine-full-AHBLMHgkPAk.jpg]
This story was about 5 women intertwined by fate. They all found themselves in another world.

Transmigrated Dragon
By Occult Saber

[Image: wlyOTlX.png]
Why has this happened? I just wanted to take a sweet bath on that nice looking purple water, couldn't you tell me beforehand that was a damn portal to another dimension?

And I have these green and blue bars above my head... great.
I've Been Summoned as a Hero ...I'm a God Though
By Oinos

[Image: covertry1.png]
Tyche, Lakshmi, Budai, Caishen, Fortuna, Laima, Ekeko, Rundas, they are just some of the names humans have given me on Earth. I bring fortune and luck. I govern chance and possibility. I am the personification of the phenomena that rule over matter on a quantum level.

...and right now I'm on a vacation to enjoy human food around the world, or I was, as someone decided to summon me to another world and stick the "hero" title to me. This new world seems a lot like the games that appeared on Earth in the last decades, so I'm just going to enjoy it for a while.
High school life in a world where everyone have superpowersby OldBegginnings

[Image: e64ed013-9438-4bca-8367-897a1383b5e4200x300png]

So, um... how do I explain this simply?

Okay, so...

There's a girl, she's er...

She's in high school, and, um...

She has a superpower that mutes things?

Also, she lives?

Yeah, sorry. The concept's too confusing isn't it?

Myth Of Men
By OldBegginings

[Image: myth-of-men-full-AHCLBqUkPAk.jpg]

Gaming isn't a way of life. With reality reduced to rubble and ash after a nuclear war, these fictional worlds of entertainment now serve as reality to many survivors. And, amidst all the addicts and try-hards, one person rises to the top with ease.

Known as Hiiro, Henry Johnson is infamous for quickly dominating every game that hits the market, and departing from them even more quickly. It's no surprise when he's offered a chance to beta the world's first VRMMORPg: The Myth of Men.

But is there something sinister hidden underneath the facade of what promises to be a fun game?

The Simulations
By Planner

[Image: the-simulations-full-AHALiJIkPAk.jpg]
After ascending from his last life to become a Champion our hero has his memories locked. He is told that he must compete in competitive simulations against other Champions in order to earn enough to continue to simulate his consciousness. The competitive simulations have a variety of scenario genres, and may or may not have a game interface.

The first competitive simulation our hero faces is from the Summoned Hero/Traveller to a New World genre, and is set as Fantasy Realistic - no game interface. He must ensure that the person he chose in the simulation's setup survives the end of the world in order to win.
Sorcery in Boston
By RubyCona

[Image: sorcery-in-boston-full-ALBAf8IiPAk.jpg]
The timid daughter of some of the greatest spellcasters ever to have lived has found herself in another world, courtesy of magic gone awry. In Boston, Massachusetts, in the year 1935, she finds some kind souls in a hard era. In the heart of the Great Depression, as war looms around the corner, she seeks to find her place, and must come to terms with both who she is and what she truly desires.
Kittensei: Rebirth to a Cat
By Senizal Fi Chrora

[Image: dzOACJf.png]
This is a 100-200 word chapter series about a weird MC gets reincarnated into fantasy world as a cat.
He has all the powers that should be OP but somehow screws up in using them all.
Spoiler warning: there is no truck

Screw the description above, this fic is a cat video version of stories. It has not much length nor reason and it's about a NINJA CAT! WHO CARES ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE??? Ninja cats are more than enough if you want to click that first chapter. C'mon cliiiick iiiiiit!
Armageddon: A Biography of a Forgotten History
By Seraf Repier

[Image: armageddon-a-biography-of-a-forgotten-hi..._siPAk.jpg]
"Hi! My name is Mcbeth. Star Mcbeth. I’m the current CEO of “History and Fantasy Inc.” and might I add that my job is awesome! Here we write down great battles, world changing events, and pretty much anything that should be put in a history book. Now here is a secret. The “History” books are more fiction than truth, because the “winners of the fight” and “inventors” wanted to be remembered a certain way. The truth is our “Fictions” tell how things really happened. The reason why we do this is because most of the time the truth is so unbelievable that most people would prefer that it was fiction rather than truth. For example would you believe that Little Red Riding Hood was actually a feared monster hunter who specialized in killing werewolves even though she was only ten years old. Or that Jekyll and Hyde were actually two completely different people who worked under the Queen in order to create an elixir that allow people to live forever. The story you are about to read is the honest to Gods truth about what really happened in the past that shaped our world to what it is today. Well MY WORLD at least and to an extent your world too depending on which dimension you're currently residing in. Also this is the “Non-fiction” title of the book. The real title will be shared at a later date. And now I'm going on a tangent aren't I? Anyways! The only other thing you need to know is how I came to learn of all this. Well that's simple. It all started on the day I was called in by my boss for a promotion…….."
Alea Ludo
By Law Vinson
[Image: alea-ludo-full-AHBLPbEkPAk.jpg]Troy Ambrose is a man that is no stranger to anguish and tragedy. The only solace he has left in his life is a small-time bar where he works as a bartender with his benefactor—Gideon Maynard. However, his life of solitude takes a drastic twist of fate when the IRS threaten to foreclose on the bar in a matter of two weeks, unless he can accumulate three hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars.

Ambrose swears to gather the money through any means necessary—no matter what the cost. Fortunately, his chance to save the bar presents itself in the form of a man by the name of Tanet—a mysterious individual that offers Ambrose one million dollars. To obtain the money, Ambrose must participate in a survival game inside of the facility of entertainment—Serendipity—where dreams and desires are realized by those that fight for them.

However, he must face off against eleven other people. Only one can leave with the grand prize of one million dollars. In a game where money and lives are on the line, how far is everyone willing to go to win?
Awakened Cheater

By ReddoNagaiyo
[Image: awakened-cheater-full-AHCLZ6YkPAk.jpg] Adam Kodak was pulling an all-nighter in his dormitory, playing video games.

After finishing it and getting all the trophies, he did the thing he always does and beat it again with cheats, that was the thing he enjoyed most.

As he was getting ready for bed he muttered under his breath

"Man I wish I could cheat in real life."

That was the moment his life changed as what seemed to be a bright star, shined and dimmed above the building he was in.

Wish Granted

Activating Cheat Mode

"What The F..."

Hidden Forge: Lucem Ac Tenebras
by AstralTempest
[Image: hidden-forge-lucem-ac-tenebras-full-AXDLwr4kPAk.jpg]   Is it wiser to act pre-emptively, or only when necessary? To protect from all that threaten, or eliminate any that can? 

These profound questions have divided philosophers throughout history, but to the average and mundane, these questions are irrelevant.

For Ian Hayes, your average 26-year-old security guard, waking up on time for work is his toughest daily challenge. He’s just an average person that revels in the mundane and normal, but what happens when his life becomes anything but?

Stumbling through a mysterious portal, while facing his greatest challenge, will Ian maintain his life’s simplicity, or will he be forced to face these daunting questions?

Will Regnoras, a world filled with fantasy, force him to change and adapt?

Regardless, Ian will devote himself to achieving his ultimate goal of becoming an incredibly powerful manual laborer.
Transition and Restart V: Spring of Youth
By StenDuring

[Image: yYrzYKJ.png]
Second year in high school, the spring of youth. Except when it isn't. With the madman Kareyoshi at the helm Himekaizen Academy is on a journey to hell. The tight circle of friends is brought asunder, and this time it's the Wakayama twins who have to shoulder the burden of responsibility.

Fulfilled Pledges
Binary Soul
By Exterminatus

[Image: 46ba21ab-9ee7-4b71-8b3c-b4a2b3cd00de400x600png]
So let's say there's this girl. A young girl who happens to be a highly-trained, psionically-gifted, nanite-infused, genetically-enhanced and emotionally unstable assassin that doesn't know the concept of 'mercy' or 'holding back.'
Let's say she and her imaginary friend miraculously pass through the borders of reality into an alternate universe, crash landing into a world of swords and magic aboard a starship full of high-tech wonders.

Now, let's also say the first person this borderline psychopath meets happens to be her doppelganger - a highly gifted mage who happens to have a few problems of her own, like a bad temper or a bad habit of chronic self-delusion.

It's your loss if you mind it.
By WhoCares

[Image: rewrite-full-ALAADqUiPAk.jpg]
Fed up with a world where science has made every fantasy a reality and people just don’t care about stories anymore, a young video game developer uses ancient black magic to transport himself into one of his games, titled: Choices.

Disturbed by his powerlessness in the real world, Kai makes sure to give himself the ability to change this new world as he sees fit, literally.

But he ends up realizing that absolute power is pretty depressing.
What is it like to be Eternal?
By CorpseDead

[Image: what-is-it-like-to-be-eternal-completed-...5ccPAk.jpg]
Have you ever thought what is it like to be Eternal? What does being Eternal even mean? Maybe I can show you what is it that you are desiring. What lies at the center of the universe when you reach the peak of strength and power? Can love reach that place too or the stronger you get the more you lose your feelings?

How long can you travel and hold onto yourself before feeling that you are starting to fall apart and lose your mind to your strength? How long is your road? Your feelings? What's going to win over you? The Darkness and the Hate? The Love and the Light? Or maybe none? Follow me as I'm going to show you my colorful yet gray path to eternity.

If you are an author interested in signing the Pledge, please see the rules listed here.]
[Image: tHnDsL]
A proud member of Writers to The End - We finish our fictions!
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