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Are reviews (haters) always a bad thing?

(22-02-17, 10:51 AM)RJCasta Wrote: Not always, I think.  I'm currently encountering a slew of .5 star (seriously.... why are there half stars here?) reviews because I included same-gender romance without putting a disclaimer or warning on it.  Not erotica or descriptive sex, mind you.  Just romance.  

Because I failed to "warn" these readers, they nuked me with half a star.

I wrote a polite message back to one of them explaining why I refused to write a disclaimer, then called it a day.  Their reviews ended up drawing more positive attention to my work in the end.  So sometimes, when pointless and mundane reviews strike good things can happen.

Yes, but those ratings remain. And once the backlash subsides, your story might be harder to find just because some idiot haters didn't like it for reasons that RRL actively removes if presented in reviews but still allows due to anonymous ratings. Also, good luck!
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I think negative reviews, ones that don't just pick out things like bad grammar, but also personal qualms about the story, can sometimes be a good thing. I've always viewed the reviews on this site and others as both for the author and for potential future readers. This way, any future readers may be able to learn about some of their major turn offs. For instance, i think i read somewhere someone who once posted that he doesn't like stories with mind control in them. That's something that might not be immediately obvious from the beginning of the story and so to hear about that aspect of it in a review could be helpful to them.

For me personally, when i'm visiting a site called Novel Updates, i'm sure some of you may have heard of it, when picking new fictions to read, i actually look at the negative reviews first because they can clue me in to some of my own personal dislikes. That being the case, i do find the positive reviews on this site more helpful for me. That and the grammar scores people leave, as there have been some stories i've checked out that have been difficult for me to read.

So yeah, i think negative reviews can be a good thing and rating a fiction based off of enjoyment is ok, but, i also think there's a line to be drawn and don't think you should give a fiction a terrible review just because you don't like the genre or something that happens in the story. Take gender bender for example. Fair enough, if you don't like it, don't give 5 stars, but, if it's genuinely well written, has a coherent story and is grammatically sound, don't give it 0.5 either.
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Haters are a very, very, very good thing. If people are hating you are provoking an emotional response. You want that. Regardless of it is favorable or disfavored, you are garnering engagement.

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