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(21-01-17, 12:14 AM)SomethingWitty Wrote: Is there someplace I'm not seeing where I can delete a notification? Every page I open will at least momentarily show that Lion's Quest has been released on Amazon. Half the time the notification stays, and selecting delete or details doesn't matter, it shows up again, as well as every forum page, though there it's text on a green background. I already have the book, how tbe ;$)@! do I delete the notification permanently?

Don't think you can, I'm afraid.
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The notification system as it is, is kind of messy. We'll have a better one in the future, but it's one of the many things on our todo list.
Sometimes i recieve message notifications when i get replies, sometimes i dont. Does that mean that when premium users reply to me, i get notifs on their replies and when normal users reply to me, i dont get any?
No. You only get notifications if you've checked the page since the last notification. This is to reduce the amount of emails and PM notifications we send to the users - we already have email you to check the comments, why should we email you again if you haven't?
Is there any email services that email notifications doesn't get sent to? I'm just wondering because I don't seem to get update emails, but I used to do so on my old email.

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