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Novel like Grimm the mythical detective

It should have :-
-Status screen

Optional :-
-Ability Stacking (basically many abilities stack to make the mc op)[preffered]

Any recommendations 

Doesn't have to be rrl novel

Story will be rewritten or a new one will be written due to inconsistencies of the current story.
(11-01-17, 11:34 PM)SpaceMan Wrote: Not read Grimm the mythical detective but you can try my first story a try.

Void Master

Join the journey as young Samuel conquers both lands and women. Helping the gods who oversee the mana net Samuel will get more rewards than any summoned hero. Starting life on the wrong foot with the God’s he will slowly push his own agenda on to them.

He will use everything from financial manipulation to downright blackmail, no king will be safe and no prince will be left untouched. Men will curse him while women demand more sanitation napkins to-be made.

Keep on reading to find out how Samuel masters his growing powers with lack of mentoring and guidance.

You know how happy I feel to not be ignored 
Thank you so much for the recommendation

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