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Thoughts on My LitRPG Cover?

[Image: goblin-ebook-600.jpg]

Any feedback? Thanks!
New version...


[Image: goblin-ebook-600-2.jpg]
The second one's brighter, more eye-catching. The game stuff isn't prominent enough so it looks weird.
[Image: tHnDsL]
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Thanks much. 

I've got an idea that might make it more evident it's a game.
I feel like the second one is better, too... Although, you might want to differentiate the 'Tower of Gates' and the 'Book One' part.
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Newest version - adds some more "game" elements...

[Image: goblin-ebook-600-3.jpg]
I love all three but I'm not a 100% sure about them. On the first one, it's the italicized Tower of Gates that sort of threw me. The italics just look a bit messy to my eye and out of keeping with the other fonts. On the second cover, the font is nice but you added Book One to the same line which, in my opinion, makes it look a bit busy. Is there a way of preserving the font you used on the second cover but placing Book One in smaller letters under Tower of Gates like you did on the first cover? The third cover with the gaming elements is definitely the best but its still has the same issue with the italics.

Apart from that, the cover's awesome, IMHO. Good luck!
It's really hard to say which one looks better, meaning the font on the top of the cover. I think I like the font on the second one, but love the small touch of stats behind the guy. All around though very nice.

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