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White's Course [Lecture Hall]

Good Evening Readers and Writers of all ages...

Why do I sound like i'm a town crier..?


I have always had a certain spot in my 'void' that enjoys walking along with others discussing and increasing the capacity of their works. As if it were a subconscious trait, I automatically improve the material that I read as if it were making the core material better. A Habit that I have long since trained into something more productive for the overall writing community as a whole.

Now, I had thought several times that I could simply go out and begin petitioning for an actual RRl group, but came to the eventful conclusion that managing such a monster while maintaining various commitments was nigh impossible- that and my readers would prooooobably lynch me if I keep them waiting much longer....

Regardless, no wait, wait! I'm getting to the point, don't click the.... Aw, lost close to 20% of you already....

, I have managed to clear out the short attention span individuals with my rambling powers!

I am willing to aid just about as many individuals that are interested in getting help for their work as possible. I'm a rather generous person when it comes to aiding others, so as long as you don't SOMEHOW abuse my 10 strikes policy, there won't be any problems about one or two quips.

I also stand as an experienced editor, with a track record handling works literally utilizing Google Translate, and turning them into legible pieces that one couldn't tell the difference.

Don't worry about your grammar or how default your work is, if you need inspiration, come along. If you need help editing your piece, I am willing to, WITHIN REASON PEOPLE, look into your cause.  

I like to constantly start my sentences with I when I'm keeping things that I am writing short, because I am totally concise..

I have dedicated anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to the overall production of the "White's Course on-" series hosted in the [Guides] section of RRl's forums, and during that time I will be willing to host sessions with the various individuals who wish to pursue my help in an active environment. I'm open throughout the week, but as for a set time where I'll be sat down and talking to everyone, Sunday's going to be the only day.

I've got dozens of commitments to handle after all... Got to catch up with Re:Monster at some point..... maybe tomorrow....

Right, all that's left are some very basic requirements to put a basic level of sorting in the community.
note, if you do not qualify, it does not mean your work isn't worth my time or not good enough, you simply need to show the determination to meet these requirements if you don't already.

  1. Your work must have at least 5 pages per chapter in order to be considered
  2. You must at least be capable of writing in English, writers that cannot actually write in the English language should seek to learn the language before attempting to bring their work over.
  3. Be available at least 1 hour a week to discuss your work
  4. Understand that White has many obligations that have just as much, if not more importance than reading your work and improving it the moment you have a moment of inspiration. White will sometimes decline working with you several times during the week when you ask, you must be capable of understanding that he is not avoiding you, but legitimately busy & will definitely take notice of your enthusiasm. *Spam at your own peril*
  5. Have at least a Prologue and 4 chapters, as well as some idea of what you want to write about. Not necessarily some complex plot or story, just a basic understanding of what "YOU" want to be writing about. You did pick up the quill after all, just understand why you did so will often be enough.
  6. Be capable of understanding that while White may tear into your work, he will never aim to insult or degrade you. It will always be under the intention of showing you where you have made your mistakes, and to honestly teach you how to improve your work in the future.
  7. Confirm in both written comment and direct context while speaking with White, that while this program is meant to improve your work, it's core intent is to improve you. White has no obligation to constantly hover over your work, you must honestly put forth the effort to learn what White is investing his time 'For Free' to teach you, or you may be cut from the course after enough time has passed. Earnest work and diligence are recognized, and struggling is never criticized.

If you believe you qualify within these 7 simple pieces, Comment below AND send me a PM.

I will continuously check this page on a weekly basis until [8-1-2017] every [Sunday] & [Wednesday], though for the first week or so I will check more frequently.

Once contact has been established, a medium of communication will be selected and we'll move on from there.

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Welcome to the Course~


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Reason Cited: Inactivity

Professor White,

From one professor to another, I'm interested in at least auditing your lecture. Tongue

I found this thread after reading a few of your guides. My professional work involves a good deal of nonfiction writing, and alas I feel as though I've become too accustomed to working with a competent editor. I do not wish to denigrate any of the lovely souls who have helped me PR chapters on RRL, but I've yet to find anyone with real skill in editing (who is willing to share it with me).

After reading your seven points, I wonder if you would consider help me editing? I don't really care if that means I should designate myself as your mentee, street trained llama, or whatever else would be appropriate. Rather, I realize I need to spend the effort to find an editor rather than hoping one will cross my work by happenstance. The only point I might violate is 5 pages a chapter with some of the earlier "chapters" (scenes really), but for the most part they should be far above this requirement.

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Welcome to the Course~


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Reason Cited: Inactivity

Hello Whitesamurai or should I say Mr. Whitesamurai?
I'm a new and aspire writer and I'm new to this forum as well. I believe that I'm interested in taking in your course. I'm having a lot of problems at finding my own styles and i think you might able to provide some guidances and helps for me to improve myself and the quality of my works. 
If you would look at my work and disect it for me, i would be very thankful.
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Welcome to the Course~


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