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Shimitsu (YioShu) Gallery.. I take requests!

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Wow, you are super-mega-ultra talented, Shimitsu! 

Can I get an anime-style illustration of my web serial's deutertagonist? I'm one follower short of 50 and I want something to mark that milestone for when it finally happens, y'know?

The character is a superhero called Fangirl whose gimmick is being a superhero fangirl.

She is a 16 year old Japanese girl of average weight and height with light skin, black hair in a bob cut with a hair bun at the crown of her head, big black eyes, and B cup-sized breasts. She wears a grey 'high tech' chainmail catsuit which covers her entire body from the neck down, and over that she wears smooth, silver armour on her torso, arms, hands, groin, legs, and feet. A triple fan blade symbol is engraved on the upper right (her left) of her breastplate (the armour on her torso). She also wears a miniature electric fan grill over the hair bun at the crown of her head, and a grey pistol holster is attached to the groin armour at the small of her back.

I want a picture of her looking scared while shooting her Megafan, a powerful, silver electric fan with a pistol-like grip and trigger, in a seedy, rundown urban environment; imagine a city borough run by supervillains, gangsters, and street thugs. In my mind, it would be a picture of her front while she is shooting at something outside the picture.

For reference, the blades within the fan's grill in this picture is what I imagine the 'triple fan blade symbol' engraved on Fangirl's breastplate to look like:

Thanks for the offer. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. You don't need to worry about me abandoning my web serial; I'm fanatically dedicated to it. I know you're doing this for free, but if you ever need any creative writing stuff done for anything, I'd be happy to return the favour.
Gamer Girl (A superhero action comedy web serial about a superheroine who can summon items and abilities from video games.)

Hello, I'm the author of the novel The Longest Journey, written here on royalroadl. I would like to request of you to make a cover for it. Here is the link to the novel, It would be great if you contact me if you like it:

If you decide to accept, my only request for the cover is that you put the main character on it, and especially her eyes.

I already submitted a request for ngt, but he seems to be away.

I like both your works, though I find yours more refined. Your digital art work is very impressive, it's a good skill to have.
Holy god of penguins. Now dis gud art.  o__0

Is there any space left in the queue? *hops in anyway*
Mail me when you have time for my request. I'll send you the sketch of the image I want.

Oh, and... do you take paid commissions? Because your art is something I'd pay for. 
I'll be waiting for your reply.   :D

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Where are you, Shimitsu? 
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