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[Suggestion] Fiction Index shows status tag, but search lists don't

Hmm, I thought about that as well. I think I'd first look in the tags. 
Probably because Novelupdates has that for their novels. They have the regular tags in blue and if a story is completed there is a red "completed" tag added.
I think the "Original" tag on RRL is already a slightly different colour and it's always displayed at first. Maybe like that.
The tags are also displayed in the rankings and search lists.

Or underneath the tags where the warnings are, if a fiction has them (like gore, profanity etc). Warning: Hiatus! Very Happy

But a tag would be more practical, wouldn't it?
Coming back to the topic after a long time and I am super happy that the fiction index now shows the status of the story right at the beginning of the tags, just like the ORIGINAL tag Very Happy

Buuut, I can't help noticing that the new tag is not shown in the search lists. Even when you expand the list of tags. It shows the genre tags and the ORIGINAL tag, but not the status tag... I think this would be a rather small add on and would suggest to do that as well.

Still, a big thank you to the admins for displaying the status tag on the fiction index!

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