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This post links to material for reference that you can use to improve your writing. 

This is recommended for both the amateur and the experienced writers. 

_Update at 21/9/2017: Check the comment at page 3, I have copied an author’s rules when it comes to writing novels, for new guys here. It’s neat, and there’s some interesting detail about "Good" and "Evil" on the same page.
_update at 4/11/2017: for good define of characterization  and what type of character, check page 4 near the bottom

Update at 30/1/2018: added a lot of new tips and material, it shows with #New part here (mostly at the bottom of this post) and on the newest page

update at 3/4/2018 : edited some tips position so new reader can find it almost right away,and edited the recomment novel list so it more clearer and also add some new good one,not change too much right now since it could make old reader of this post hard to find what they want here, planning on reorganizing more when have a lot of free time


#SPECIAL: right now there are 30 day free courses trial here that can show you a good tip and material for writing (near the end of the video will show detail about that)

RRL Guides:
The Yandere Darkling's guides and links for authors.  
Kurohime's Guide
Guide Forum
Suggestions & Questions Forum

Articles on RRL: 
How NOT to write:  
How to deal with bad reviews: 

Tools for spelling, grammar, and editing: 
Grammarly* (Most recommended)
Bing  (comparing with google translate the bing is better)
Plume Editor (somewhat professional editor, there you can write some background and other scenes so you don't forget)

[RECOMMEND] How to build a fictional world - Kate Messner  (for someone have an idea but don't know how to write that idea out)

Cover Artwork: 
Auto-color your illustration accurately:

RRL member willing to help you improve your description [free]

Codes and Tables for your fiction:

Chapter titles recommendation: 
Instead of listing your chapters as "Chapter X: Title" my recommendation is to list "Chapter X.Y: Title" with the X referring to part/volume/arc and the Y referring to the chapter number. 

"Fantasy name generator"
Tip: there are other versions for Name generator in accordance with cultures, such as "Japan name generator". There is also city or World Map name generator (Simply google it). 

World Map Maker here: (recomment,easy to use and free,no need drawing skill)

Study character development by reading Books you like and analyzing them. This Manga is one of my recommendation to show how you don't need your teammate to be like you in order to follow you.

a website that allow you to know more detail of how to show/Descriptions the scene like crying scene here

insight about real life problem (including about author and reader),and some can apply for story:

want to find a good quote and advise for certain topic ? ,check this quote website out:

want a new reader interesting in your story from the start ?,check this out :

First Line of a Story

some problem and solution for OP mc story  (in the comment)

[Recommend] here is a list  good channel for research (in a lot of aspect that can be used for writing,depend on the topic you write):
_ Physics Girl, Veritasium, SmarterEveryDay, Vsauce, CGP Grey, Real Engineering, RealLifeLore, Primitive Technology,KnowledgeHub,Military History Visualized, NUSensei 

[Recommend] here is a three youtuber that have a lot of good video advice for writing a book here  :

_ 5 Ways to Make a Character More Likable (writing and design tips)

_ On Writing: hard magic systems in fantasy [ Avatar l Fullmetal Alchemist l Mistborn ]

_ Quick Tip: How to Show Instead of Tell

How I Write 7000 Words in a Day

 [Recommend] you need a Unique custom make for your 3D characters girl ? ,then try "Honey Select",it free (but I think some part need a mod for your character like elf ear or clothe and scenery here,for example,check this chapter)
[warning,it a eroge game,as long as you only use to make the character and take a shot for picture,then it will be fine]
here is the link for guide of most thing here like download,.... (don't ask me,I haven't play or download it yet,you have to do it yourself)

this point a way to distinguished and avoid writing static character,and do show clear example of it ( if you haven't finish volume 4 and maybe volume 5 of this series, then don't watch this yet,unless you don't care or don't mind it),btw the highlight comment section may justify for why they do that in the first place but get f*ck up in writing it 

RWBY | Why Ruby Rose is a Bad Protagonist

#NEW universally advice for writing from pastey5 ,that every reader can check out (mostly new writer)

An example of Clear Dialogue. By writing like this, you can also find errors more easily upon editing (this is for reference so no need to follow 100% )


The other tall man with a beard seemed to reach out for something.

“Don’t touch that!” Malsour barked across the room.

The man’s eye met Malsour’s with an annoyed expression.

“We’re not sure if that will destroy everything in a ten-foot radius or plant a forest for ten miles!” Malsour yelled.

“Bob, what the hell is this place?” The man asked.

“Well, it's good of you to ask, Water,” Bob said with a smile as he walked over to Malsour.

Fire looked pale as she crossed her arms protectively over the very visible stomach bump.

“What the hell are all of these things doing in the same place and what is that over there?” She asked, pointing right at the ‘sun’ and mana wells.

“Damned bomb factory in here,” Malsour muttered.

“Malsour Dracul, you will explain what you are doing with such dangerous magic!” Fire demanded just as the door to the lab closed, Dave and Deia walking in.

“Bob! What the hell, dude? This is supposed to be a secret lab! Not a damned tourist attraction!”

“I wanted to show them the stuff we’ve been working on. They’re some of the oldest people after me and they do have a lot of knowledge about magic,” Bob said.


This is from a novel, it’s extremely well written. This is how most conversation, in English, looks like:

how to use Tropes/cliche right (from the comment):

I found these two mangas. One’s very interesting and has great character development and the other one has a badass MC that’s quite realistic when it comes to thinking and dealing with the problems. He’s still likeable and isn’t necessarily a jerk: (Although I feel that this web novel is better compared to the light novel version. You should still read this because the novel is quite confusing at the start.)

[RECOMMEND] if you need to know more about how to manage kingdom,politic,economy and maybe military managing/strategy then this is the one for you (there are novel version that go quite far ahead a bit now):

If you have a "power creep" problem then check this video, it shows a way to solve it. (Btw, this post also talks about the dungeon problem and how to solve it if you are a dungeon writer.

Edit:the post on facebook for some reason have been deleted so there are only video here )

This novel, not only show you how to implement background building for the main character, it even points all the problem the writer has with cultivation worlds and MC’s in every cultivate novel ever. Read this chapter to learn it. (There’s no need to start reading from the very beginning.):

Try googling "The basic rules of storytelling", there are some quick and useful tips there that you can check out.

Here are a very good novel list which can be used for reference:

The Simulations (Check my review to know what to expect,this novel is like a professional work,dropped)

Artisan  (a Very good AI mc one,but dropped)
The Dao of Magic (Just check the top 4 reviews.)

Impera (if you are fan of realistic kingdom building,OP mc,and Roman theme,then this is for you,read to chapter 20 so far and everything still good,not see any bad one yet)
Threadbare (want to find a perfect and good example of LitRPG,non-living MC novel ? ,then this is the one you looking for,it also in the best rated novel in this site, finished)
There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns. (funny,cute and good dungeon novel,better than "haven in a dangerous world")

Painting the Mists (finally a really great,quite unique xianxia novel with great execute and no tropes like "everyone is ridiculously hostile towards the MC for no effing reason",check the review for further detail)

Fayde of the Void (The first is version was already good, but the new version is even better.) 

the Mediator (Has great character development and contains a lot of meaningful lessons, but it droped)

Hardcore: Qi Worlds  (The thing I like the most about this story is even though it's a chapter a day it still retains the it's uniqueness, most chapter a day story's loss a little bit of individuality for the sake of consistency but not this one. [comment of author about his novel:I can't stand other litrpg and other vrmmos that spend 50 pages in real world creating an unnecessary backstory. They are all the same. I wanted to jump straight in. Now we have some real world stuff happening that actually matters and effects what happens in the Qi Worlds.] ,I think it in hiatus now )

Kingdoms Online (want a good novel about kingdom building and crafting ?,this is the one for you,try to check my review to know the good,the bad and the ugly about this novel,even though there are a lot of hater who not even read past chapter 20 keep down vote my review,dropped)

Irregular (Rewritten) (a unique story with the mc and his group of friend who are forced to change into non-human race)


The Tale of G.O.D. (if you are new to royalroadl,then this is a "must read" series of this author here,you can google to see which order you should read first for the timeline,but still it not really that matter)

The Voyager (want a mc who is really cold blooded,and very calculating,a master mind ,but know how to acting,still justify and still quite likeable in some way ? ,then you are finding a right one,btw it write in a realistic point of view rather than the original game where the Raider win every encounter without loses,just read the review,only warning is MC will do ANYTHING to achieve her goal,so expect some betrayal )
A Gentleman's Curse (it is one of the rare gem when it come to reincarnated story,this is how most reincarnated story should be writed [mostly] in quite realistic way,you may see me mention again about this novel for some of it aspect example)

#NEW Dragon, Silver Dragon (this is how a OP mc story should be,It explored a creature (dragon) that all of us are familiar with, but in a completely new and unique way, also show a lession about problem and some solutions for a immortal character,here is it quote "What goal do you have when there is nothing that can challenge you? Where do you find drive when you have entire universes at your claws? What do you buy when you own the wealth of a thousand worlds? Where do you call home when you don’t even know the name of the planet you live on?" the start are quite rough,but a bit later the story evolved in it own way.Finished)

#NEW Greatest Xianxia Book (want to know all the xianxia tropes and cliche' ? [in a nutshell way],read this one, it very funny,short and fast relesae here, it a good quick read )

A question mark is not a sentence. To show that the character is confused, use a tilt of the head, a perplexed look, a flick of the ears or something else. Avoid using question marks. It’s lazy story writing, also don't use "Ehh" and "Ahh" frequently. Think back to all your favourite books (not anime). How often do characters say that? Not often. Another is that you use of "...." instead of using natural pauses through your writing. If you use words like hesitating, pausing, or describing them looking off to the side, or rubbing their head sheepishly, or any other way that can show that a character is not speaking immediately, it’ll improve your storytelling a great deal.

For more details on sword and weapon fighting. (Including guns and what happens when that specific gun and ammo hits armour) Check this youtube video:

 also for more detail about weapon,but for realistic FANTASY WORLD:

if you are quite a newbie to understand  the Piercing power of each ammo/gun type then check this video (he shoot a damn LEGOS WALL) :

This game, Absolver, is very detailed when it comes to martial arts. It shows the different moves, strategies and stances that are to be used in different situations and confrontations. Yes, it also includes some real-life martial art like taekwondo:

This one is also useful, have you check it out yet? (human body weapon, this is a realistic fighting technique):


For plot twist ideas:

Imagine dedicating yourself to a dream, or hope, or hatred or an ambition, but when you reach your destination. It was all in vain.

Example: She was led into believing that she was a girl that was cursed into being a futanari, but was actually a hermaphrodite, to begin with?

(From this chapter, try it, this novel’s very entertaining and funny. If you read the first dungeon battle part and not the first 2 volume then you’ll see it. There are no dark and tragic elements, except for volume 1.):

About character development:
This is actually a lecture, sorta. It’s a must for anyone that likes character development. If u got the time, then please watch this.

If you need a deeper biology or ecosystem for a monster, including how living armour works, then there’s chapter about that. It’s actually some type of shellfish that has an outer shell that looks as if it’s part of the armour there. Then read this manga. It’s very entertaining and detailed. It’s also hilarious and delicious, imagine "Shokugeki no Soma" version monster dish:
"Dungeon Meshi"

Near the end of this chapter, the author makes a semi-auto paint gun rifle and also makes its cartridge like this, so it still works without needing gunpowder. It works with wind runes. (Just skip to the part near the gun/bullet picture to see the explanation. It’s near the bottom of this chapter.):

Here’s the comment for more detail about this gun and ammo. (If you need to make a gun in a fantasy world with some magic elements.):

The metal for the ammo needs to be soft like lead to engage the rifling. Bullets deform when they’re shot, that makes a bit of them sink into the grooves (rifling) of the barrel. If you use iron or something harder it will be worse than a smoothbore weapon because you’ll lose the force of the explosion/wind as it goes around the shot.
The air tanks could be charged ahead of time and then have can have a mechanical release that would give you hundreds of shots, like paintball markers of today.
A weight that gains momentum has more force so the astrilium would make a better smoothbore shot. E=MC*MC
He could have made a wind and a fire rune with maybe something to condense the wind to make an explosion, instant modern day weapons with no cartridge.

I think everyone should watch this video,this happen like nearly "every author who dropped his/her novel" all over the time  (mostly on this website)

(a comment from this video)

The worst thing about excessive worldbuilding, in my personnal experience, is that at some point your main storyline become so complicated and based on lore elements that it becomes impossible to start writing the actual story without a long and boring exposition dump. It's a good thing to have hundreds of sub plots, secondary character and lore elements, but when they end up becoming vital to the main storyline, you have to spend time to reorganise that, and thus waste even more time and effort that could have been dedicated to actually writing.
That being said, I think many of us who suffer from the worldbuilder syndrome are mediocre writters who could however be great worldbuilders. Maybe books just aren't the right way to tell our story and expose our world. Maybe other medium, like video games or roleplay, are more appropriate considering the type of stories and universes we end up crafting.

if you want to attract more reader ,you can sign the writers pledge:
this is a pledge/promise authors do to their readers, promising to finish their novel with a satisfactory ending, promising not to drop it,and you will receive a banner ,Signatories are advised to promote the pledge thread to maximize the benefit they receive from the assurance of readers who know that their fiction will end properly.

do you  know there are rain sound simulator ,this will make your mood feel better:

if you need a more detail reference when it come to writing sci-fi novel,then this channel is for you:

and advise about writing character personality (from someone comment):

 You should NOT tell us that you change your MCs personality. Either rewrite it or gradually change it. Especially DONT. UNDER. ANY. CIRCUMSTANCE. tell us how to percieve a character. Show us, dont tell us. The reader MUST form their own opinion of the character. Personally i refused to read past the part you said how you want us to view the character. I recommend you just wipe that authors note. Its a big NO!

idea for the building town novel type :
have you check some game like banished,life is feudal:forest village ,ancient city,Knights and Merchants,Settler 2 (10th Anniversary),.... ?
here is review for that settler 2

gesture for squad/army in real life

basic about marketing :

balance talk about fantasy/Qi world vs Sci-fi world fighting:

 about a good writing style (which is quite rare in royalroadl) from a comment:

[RECOMMEND] this guy show a good army strategy in a easy to understand video here (and I do see some other good strategy video on the right of youtube screen on this link,not sure it the same for you guy):

[RECOMMEND]  have you check total war series ?,can give you a better idea of army strategy here (since warhammer version can give you better idea for an army in the fantasy world)

and there are more video guide and tactics from this guy ,very good and to the point

 There is a site called Orion´s Arms, its hard sci-fi content is to inspire authors :

_About Rewrite :

1) Reason to not rewrite. Yet. Wait until you reach a definitive 'end' of it  (in the comment)
(in my options,unless you have a terrible Prologue or very bad grammar to the point unable to read,too big of the error/plot hole or really need to make a major change of plot then don't try to rewrite too soon)

 2)  -Short version: Hate rewrites, but if you have to go about it, do a flowchart with beginning, key events and location, key character, and an ending.
Barebone, but follow it.
 -Long version

*Just a simple advise about rewrite(from other comment):
Changing or rewriting you do, needs that you love the change. because it's your story , so you need it to like. without it heading the suggestions of the reader headless would end up wtih you having a writing block and no motivation whatsover to continiue write it. Consequence you dropping the story and i can't read it to the end.
(source : )

 basic understanding about most of magic system (realistic or game type) that new writer should read (in the comment):

 basic understanding about stats and skill apply to a lot of RPG novel/game (but this is not 100% true and only for reference,try to make your own status/game system here  )

[RECOMMEND] This youtuber can give a lot of realistic knowledge about few topic with some animation for easier to understand ,here is few of topic series:

The Art of War by Sun Tzu (Animated with Examples)

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli (Key Ideas Explained ) [P/s:it is fundamentally about power. Specifically, it describes how to acquire it and then how to keep it]

Crowd Psychology, Manipulation & Propaganda

Historical Figures [P/s:learn what they did and how they become successful]

Practical Philosophy [p/s:How to apply classic philosophy to modern life]

and more,just check his channel

 want to know how to write reincarnated mc in the start as realistic as possible ? ,read this first chapter (especially near the end?,This was panic portrayed correctly, a mind under true duress.)

 For the first time in ages I'm sad to leave the infant stage, this was one of the most satisfying transition chapters of the whole "reincarnated" genre I've read. There is actually a believable transition between the careful/untrusting state of mind to the acceptance/trusting one. With the right dose of emotion (here are the main part of dialog that nail it right for how a family react to that truth about the mc,it near the end of this chapter link btw)


"You... mad. I'll... leave. Not... wanted. It's... fine." I turn back and respond, tears streaming down my face. Don't wipe your eyes. Don't try to elicit sympathy.

"Yeah, I'm mad! For a lot of reasons! But mainly because you're MY SON," He yelled, the feeling in my chest worsening. "I don't CARE that you're smart. I KNOW you changed after you suffocated, and a part of me knows you aren't the same boy that you were and that hurts. But we were given a second chance in the form of you. You're MY SON and it pisses me off that you'd pretend not to be! If we are your family like you claim then put a little more faith in us! You think I'd throw you out just because you act a little different? Am I a monster in your eyes!? I've done everything I can to make you feel welcome for over a year now. Emily has done more! You think we didn't notice you were uncomfortable? Different? Do you take us for idiots?!" 

He paused to take a breath while my knees gave out beneath me and I crashed to the ground, back leaning against the door. "I, WE don't care what you know, who you are, what the story is behind how you came into our lives. You've brought us the joy that is having a child and that is all we EVER expected from you! It doesn't matter who you were, boy. Your name is Damien, and if you try to walk out that door again, I'll throw your ass in your room myself and seal it off with ice!" The man was exhaling like a bull after a rodeo, red in the face. He stomps over to me and picks me up by my arm and gives me a rough hug.


 What NOT to Use Against the Undead

8 Best Exercises for the Zombie Apocalypse (BE READY!)

How Could We Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

By the way, Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? (very funny and have useful information for difference scenario)

 Pro's Guide to: Hand to Hand Combat (this channel have some neat video guide,but I feel they mostly work with untrained opponent or you know what you are doing)

 inspiring talk about take hit from life and keep moving forward  (and they do make sense)

[Recommend to watch for every author,including experienced author]  Brandon Sanderson - 318R - #1 (Course Overview) 
_comment from one author: I discovered that I'm a discovery writer, need to keep better track of my own characters progression and development, figured out I need to take a step back from my own story once in a while and all in all gained a shitload of inspiration.

All in the first two lectures.

 problem with Cerberus Syndrome that claimed many good novel (from the comment)

 about Female warriors in history (reason why there are not much female warrior in the first place,also for woman system thing like marry multiple woman,but still,you should check other comment for more information for sure if you want)

 How Many Times a Week Should I Workout?

[Recommend]  the Fantasy Re-Arm by Shadiversity. He basically analyzing the fantasy creatures anatomy, environment and lore to give them the best fit weapon and fighting styles. Especially the fairies in this video

way to write a good sci-fi novel (check the talk in this comment section)

How to do a Tournament Arc (after watch this I also notice that "My Hero Academia" plays perfectly to the tropes of shonen manga, a really good executed one here)
what is xiaxia Genre and their tropes (so new writer know it and either can avoid or try to use it in right way)

Space/sci-fi recommendations - giving and looking for

[Recommend]  have you though about using ctrl + F yet ? ,it a tool that help find the word/sentence  you are looking for in that tab,so it can be very usefull for editing chapter here (copy the part that haven't fixed in the comment and search)

By the way, are YOU a GOOD PERSON? | Harvard Moral Dilemma (also funny,and have some good question from Harvard Moral Dilemma,you can check out from the description link in the video ,there are a lot of good video here like "
Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?",one example from the video:"if you look at the history something that used to be thought as right,now is completely immoral" )

On Writing: how to kill your main character [ Game of Thrones l Vikings ]
(useful tips from comment of video:I think adapting similar aspects into anyone's own story is a tricky thing to do - a lot of writers tend to focus more on the character's motivations and make that decide who he is as a character, rather than writing the characters and letting their decisions be decided by their own traits, ideas and flaws)

Rules of war (in a nutshell,and check Highlighted  comment to see how american/russian go around that rule)

The problems with giant SWORDS (and see some move of it,if don't have time,then just read the Pinned comment for summary idea)

“Showing vs. Telling” Is The Wrong Conversation  (note:this tell other problem like "Recognizing Heavy Scenes",or maybe I could say "over descriptive" that usually have in xianxia novel )

5 LIFE HACKS That Will MOTIVATE You To Do ANYTHING (if ain't nobody got time for watch that,then just skip to 6:45 for summary tips)

this guy give a lot of good idea for dungeon environments here
_good idea for dungeon,part

The Threat of AI Weapons (yes,this is what we can do right now)

want to build a very good wall in medieval era ? ,check a lot of technique from china here

#New how to keep your sanity when facing this kind of problems (infamou 0.5 star reviews/rating).for summary,instead of focusing on stars, focus on these two instead:

1. The number of your followers
2. The numbers of favourites
3. The total views. (oh, that's three but whatever)

#New Megacorporations Make Poor Governments | Incoming (problem and a way to write Cyberpunk corporation )

#New if for some reason you can't read "A Realist Hero's Kingdom Reconstruction Chronicle" to learn more about the upgraded version of medieval politic/land managing system and how to transform/remove the slave system without revolt and still give benefit then check my comment in this one

#New This site was mainly intended for science fiction authors who wanted a little scientific accuracy
(31-07-17, 10:39 PM)Tanaka Tomoyuki Wrote: I think you mean inexperienced, not inexperiment.

thank for point it out
Ah, thank you very much for your consideration, royaldarkness.
If there are ever any grammatical nuances I'm unsure of, I'll be sure to use your references.

As an aside, I've already begun writing a story on this website. I welcome you to give it a look here:
If you spot any noticeable issues, or are just simply enjoying the story, please feel free to drop some comments.

Have a wonderful day. Sincerely, docemoon145.
here is more ideal :
_about the kingdom part (like plotting,...) part 1:
in this novel chapter (and previous),when the noble of east trying to secret planing to rebel the king because of the action and hear about the new change of system that is oppose the noble (and one part is because it hindering their greedy action),the king (mc) have come here (of course with hiding protection to deal with those who still try to rebel) and explain the benefit and advance of this new system (of course some of them will try to point the disadvantage out ) so not only you will find and deal with the problem you even get more ally,in this case of novel is more than 50% of them stop trying to rebel (since the benefit outweigh the risks and cons here ,so why try rebel if this new system can let you have chance to get even more power and wealth here than when you are a noble) ,if you worrying about that the bad guy can in position that hindering the mc  then just let them in a position that make them too busy to compete with each other ,and also find a way to make sure those bad influence is contained and even a way to fish out a talent there (just make a condition/reward that make sure they don't back stab you and woala ,you have a good functional kingdom/organization now) ,if that stilln't enough then just make sure they won't get in a key/important position and you good to go

_about the kingdom part (this one is for the litrpg type ) part 2:
if you read this chapter and the previous ,you will see that you can have one or few player that start with trying to climb the politic power and plotting in order to get more power and maybe finally get opportunity to steal the king throne here,and can be your mc main villain here

in this chapter ,the reason why that monkey monster not stay in they area and begin to move/attack the other area is because the other tribe nearly overhunt them which make those monkey monster scared and run away to make new home in other area
so one conclusion :
I like the fact that the Monkey invasion is not an evil plot by an evil mastermind behind the scenes, but a mistake, it adds realism when every problem has a reason not necessarily world shaking.

btw you should read this novel ,it super good and have very good character developing and quite realistic reaction and her act here (and have good part when it come to do past story and a way she deal with that pain here)
why was i sent this?
(18-08-17, 09:10 PM)Tanaka Tomoyuki Wrote:
(18-08-17, 04:55 PM)Jiminy Cringus Wrote: why was i sent this?

He's randomly sending it to everyone he sees on the forums or on the latest updates list.

I mostly chose the new writer or don't have much experiment in writing (depend on the review of their book or they ask for advise on summary),I still do send to experiment writer sometime though (mostly only 1 or two time since I wasn't try to annoy them)
if you don't want me to continue send material to you then just tell me to stop it (bad thing that I don't have good memory so I may send them again without knowing that they aread told me to stop here)
For the reason/motivation for the mc action:  (from this chapter: )

“To most people I would answer because of all of those lost and because it’s the right thing to do, blah blah, human race and so on,” Dave said. “Honestly I started all of this and I was just swept up in this I was doing it because I was scared, I don’t want to die, no one wants to. I had Deia, imagining me leaving her behind leaving the people I’ve met here behind and being nothing but a footnote in life. It pushed me to do things that I never thought possible, to attain heights that amazed even me. Nothing is a greater motivation than knowing that,” Dave clicked his fingers. “Like that it can all be gone and you have no control over it. Now I’ve known that for a long time, but having someone else deciding when I’m done and pressing a button. That’s something that I couldn’t just sit back and accept. I didn’t know what I was going to do, by everything that I would do, was going to be aimed towards once again putting my life back into my own hands.”

“At first I was doing this all to prolong my life. Then with the people that I came to know it was about getting us all out of this. Then Koi came along,” Dave took a sip of his beer a smile on his face.

“I’ll never forget the look in Deia’s eyes as we looked on Koi, kicking screaming and alive. I didn’t realize how much of an impact that had on me until later. Well, until now really. All of those people lived on Earth, taking shit or being treated a certain way to make them play video games, they grew up, came to Emerilia and were watched by the Jukal as if they were some kind of interesting toy. Their lives didn’t matter and for the people of Emerilia it was even worse. Deia was a player but Koi wasn’t at that time, I felt so protective over her, as I feel with the rest of my party that aren’t players and even with Deia when she was pregnant with Koi. Those smug fucking Jukal they sit in their ships, they watch everything that’s happening and they don’t give a flying fuck. We’re nothing to them. Creatures that can be ignored, the laughingstock of the world. Do you know that they watch our camera feeds at times when we’re with our loved ones, they pollute every moment that we’re not in a mirror of communication or within a stealth rune covered zone. I want my daughter to be free to make her decisions. That was when the true weight of all that the Jukal have done hit me. How many sons and daughters have the Jukal killed how many brothers and sisters like mine have died? And what? All of this just so that they could stay on top of the economic pile. Fuck them and fuck their empire. I might die, I might never see the end of this, but I sure as hell am going to let the Jukal know that those people mattered, that the people of Emerilia matter, that my Daughter matters and that no matter what, even if they look down on us, they should never treat us any differently. My daughter deserves freedom, the sons and daughters of Emerilia deserve freedom to not live in fear of some random event, to know that they’re going to be safe at night. So, why am I doing this? It’s not for some noble reason, it’s because I care for my daughter and the people around me. For them I am willing to do horrible things so that they might live a good life,” Dave said with fire in his eyes as he drank from his beer.
He would take on all comers and not bat an eye, the Jukal had killed off trillions of humans. Dave might not know them and he might not have a connection to them, but any one of those people could have been someone in his family, any of them could have been his daughter.
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