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(24-08-17, 04:13 PM)NotTzx Wrote: Which novel did you send this for? Oo

what do you mean ? ,and this post is for everyone to check out to learn more tips and material
Thanks for the references
here is some material about the harem part :

you should check this novel,it pretty good and this chapter give more good ideal about the harem part (this novel also show how to use the tropes but in a good and more interesting way somewhat) (read chapter 17 and 18 for the topic about that harem problem)
if you are lazy then maybe just check this part in chapter 18
"But the place Cole is from doesn't have a concept like multiple spouses does it?"

She turns to me this time. Had she read my thoughts maybe? She's clearly leading me towards the issue I have seen from the start.

"Mhm, that's correct. In fact, I find it hard to imagine a successful relationship with multiple people. Where I am from, it's normal to love only one person, anything else will lead to disaster. It's impossible to love each equally, someone will always feel left out. It causes strife within the once cohesive group and anger forms on all sides."

"That's what I thought, so it is the same world as Damien's. I will tell you their feelings since it's pointless for them to tell me." She points to the girls who are holding their chests as if in deep pain from my words. I imagined the reaction would be like this. "They don't care about equal love. They just want you. To choose one and pity the rest? Or none? Is that better? I will add this part myself. Don't make the choice Damien made, don't hold back for their sakes and run away once you can't face it any longer. Don't force them to think 'they' are the reason you ran. Don't leave them with the regret Damien left us with. Please, change your line of thought for their sakes. Don't push aside their love in an attempt to shelter them. Trust them with everything, I don't think they will disappoint you."

~ ~

That was heavy. This whole meeting was heavy. I had expected a nice talk with a Goddess instead I met one of the Demon King's Harem members. And she revealed all my secrets. Even ones I didn't know. She revealed or rather forced me to reveal my issue with our current relationship. She brought a lot to light. She forced me to rethink what I want.

Do I want to continue as I have? Ignoring their feelings as it suits me. Lazing around with no intentions. I suppose I don't, but to do anything else seems impossible for me.

This Damien, he felt the same then? Was he like me? Someone not used to the attention. Just happy to have people close, but keeping them at arm's length for safety. It seems it has hurt his friends. Can I imagine a Rou and Aqua who hate each other for my sake? An El who ignores Mirna's request to play hide and seek? It hurts to try. I want to continue living happily as a family. Does that mean I have to come to terms?

I refuse to force myself. It wouldn't be fair. I want to love them the way they love me. It doesn't seem fair to do anything less. I will take Aquarou's advice. But I have to stay within my pace. Anything more and as Aquarou said, I would likely run away from them. Sparing them the pain by separating. But she is right, that's not better. It's just selfish.

"I have been, wrong. For some time, for that, I am sorry girls. I am grateful you accept me so easily when I still have trouble accepting myself. And I don't just mean this Demon king business, I mean in general. You asked about my confidence. 'They' are my confidence. They trust me so I have no choice but to trust myself too. I love you, Rou, Aqua, El, Alice, and you too Mirna. You are the closest things I have to family in this world. I would do anything to avoid losing you. And if that means disregarding my world's logic, I will. If you trust that I can love all of you enough, then I have no choice but to trust you."  

(here is a input from a comment)
[I remember seeing a comment before of character development for the harem members what you've been doing lately introducing bits and pieces here and there is actually quite nice it shows progress in their relationship and not some automatic trust to the point where the characters blurt out everything  (seen this happen in some harem novels, was confused on why some characters who met up normally with no tense or extraneous situation creating a situation where that would be normal). It's also nice how every couple of chapters we find out more of their personalities and thoughts like with Mirna in this chapter.

(this comment for those who not done a proper plot and just slap the "harem" in)
[Too much harem. More girls equals more time developing the girls and relationships and less time for actual cool fights and adventures and actual character development. Think about the story as focus. If you want romance and sex comedy as focus then harem is fine. Just don't expect much to happen in terms of plot. Or worse don't have any depth of characters and each harem member is a bland trope or stereotype. Like cat girl nayaaah. Or tsundere. Or cold noble. Or fiery battle maniac.
about unique culture of other world:
[Fun fact: The Dwarves territory is inside the mountains that stretch around most of the continent. Most of their major cities are placed near volcanoes to utilize the geothermal energy. So there's a saying in the world: "A Dragon above and a Dwarf below."
Sometimes it's used as an insult for someone who's all bark and no bite--or, depending on the context, to declare a man with authority or a good appearance to be lacking a little lower down.]

(comment for this novel chapter)
the little bits of culture and unique insults really make this a world. Right now I'm reading a series called Red Rising and in it everyone is divided into color coded castes. The pink caste are basically sex slaves. Thus it is an insult to call someone " as timid as a pink". Bits of flavor like that are what makes a different world, really a different world. It separates the ok, lazy authors, from the great ones
(the above is from this novel chapter : )
about perspectives of reader and author when it come to that novel:
I'm pretty sure some of you have heard of the saying "Everyone lives under the same sky, yet not everyone sees the same sky."
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is about perspectives. 

You should check out this link,he give a good ideal about "perspectives" here (a problem that is he will delete this post in a few day so I copy the important part bellow)

How does one(me) take advice from someone who does not even see the same story as you(me)? There is a difference between listening to criticism that's actually related to the story and listening to those who straight out has a different perspective in the story different than what you are trying to convey or just don't like the theme/genre.

I'll give you an example. Let's say someone 'reads' my novel and thinks I'm writing it with the intent to degrade females and sexualize them. Now even though such intent has never crossed my mind when I write, some people truly think I do. Maybe I could've written something that may seem like it without realizing it? Maybe. But how do I change something that has never crossed my mind before?

Some people think I do not care about criticism and ignore anyone who gives a bad review by calling them trolls/haters. Now I don't recall ever calling bad reviews/comments trolls/haters(mostly my readers calls them that), I also don't 'not care' about criticism. 

Now, this is where it gets complicated. How do I listen to somebody that has an entirely different perspective of the novel than what I, the author, is trying to convey? I make tea, yet some think it tastes like black coffee. I can't make tea turn into tea because that was what I made in the first place. In other words, I can't change what I don't see. People will believe what they see and think is right, and I cannot change that.

However, with all that said, what I can do is tell you my perspective when writing this novel. Things such as how I feel or what I think when writing this novel.

First, the story. I wanted a story about someone strong, someone who has real power, someone like the Son of the King of Gods to just travel around the World and see/experience new things. It is as simple as that. Nothing too crazy or too serious.
Second, the characters. I will say that I love every character I have created so far(except the ones I kill off just cause). Some may not like them, and some may even hate them. But I, as the author, know what they feel and why they do the things they do when I write them. Emotions/feeling of a character is something that is hard to convey to the readers, especially through texts.(Especially with my style of writing because I do not like to show everything about a character in one go) Now even if it does happen and some of my readers happen to see what I am trying to convey, it will not be the same way as I see it. So if you happen to hate a character, sorry, but I can't change the way I see them.

Now the main character, Tian Yi. I will say this straightforward. HE IS MEANT TO BE EXAGGERATED. I want him to be a 'so perfect he's beyond perfect' character in MY perspective. Call this a wish-fulfillment all you want, because that is true. I want the World to revolve around him. I want girls to chase him around like crazily. I want someone THAT perfect.
As for the more mature parts, I.E masturbation, and full nude seduction, I think it is something normal. People masturbate to what makes their blood boil, and that is no different in my Xianxia World. I'm a healthy young man, and I won't deny it as if I was a little kid. People masturbate, and it's normal. I also know that not everybody here is an adult, which is why I try to keep it minimal. Also, I wanted you, the readers, to know that THERE WILL BE MATURE contents here. I won't pull what some real Chinese novels pull. I.E Main character fucks a girl out of nowhere even though there have been no prior mature contents, making the readers go, 'what?'. And yes, the MC will fuck someone one day. However, I don't think I want to take away that pure part of him just yet... (Some may be fan service, but it is still something I enjoy)

As for how the plot goes? I have no idea what to tell you because I just write what goes with the flow. (I have to enjoy it obviously). I rarely erase much during writing because I don't write thinking 'Hmmm, will my readers enjoy this...?'. Instead, I write what I enjoy, which is something many don't do. The only reason why I'm even here is because I enjoy what I do. (Also how I am able to throw out 4-6k words a day.)

All in all, I love every single second I had spent and will continue spending on this novel. I have a smile on my face as soon as I start typing. It's just that fun and enjoyable to me.
about all stuff that related to farming and earth for farm (in the comment)

and for a good reference when it come to the ideal of sci-fi survive crafting game then this maybe the one you are looking for (still in beta)

and here is one very damn good sci-fi vs fantasy novel here (it have real time strategy element like starcraft a bit),too bad it have been dropped
Pioneer 0: Rise of the machine in a world of sword and magic.
I feel that I can get useful stuff from here. *read mode*
about the MC When it comes to LitRPG :
These characters get special cheat abilities, or they continually luck into the most awesome loot ever despite their luck stat. The plot armor is so thick that you wonder if you can use it to build a wall. That sort of thing super overpowered, can do anything, protagonist.
I shall call this Team Snowflake (Because snowflakes are beautiful and unique)

Other people vastly prefer the MC only be able to get abilities that anyone else could get if they wanted, and then use those to rock the house.
I shall call this Team Atlas. (for Atlas Superpower, all you need is training and you too can be exactly like this.)
here is the link for the further topic ,it very interesting if any of you writing a LitRPG story

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