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Thank you for the links. 

I need the help.
here is the rule of a quite experience author for writing novel here (the author is "Lone" btw ):

1. Try to be descriptive enough for readers to understand, but not too much to overwhelm. Let their imagination do the rest of the work.

2. Avoid using the same word over and over if possible. I use Grammarly to fix this since double clicking a word gives a list of words with the same meaning. This helps with the flow.

3. Try to make the characters do slightly different things, but not too different as to make it seem awkward. This helps add several dimensions to the characters, granting them life.

4. Make sure paragraphs aren't too long to avoid losing readers interests, creating skimmers.

5. If using tables, be detailed and clean. Choppy tables are worse than no tables.

6. Never purposefully extend a scene or arc. This is easy to notice, so end a sentence, paragraph, scene, chapter, arc, book, story, when it feels right.

7.Try to write roughly 1.5k words per chapter (this is my own guideline, no need to follow this. But no less that 1k per chapter or readers will start complaining).

8. Always follow schedules. A bad rep is the last thing you want, be that for never keeping deadlines, being rude to a reader (regardless of if they were rude first) or anything that would damage your image.

9. Have fun while writing. If you lose interest and start dreading writing, readers are perceptive and will feel the life's absence from the story, so take a break to get your mojo back.

10. Listen to all criticism, no matter how mean or hurtful it is. They might just be right to some extent.

11. Be consistent. Keep a separate page of character profiles and locations, dates, abilities, whatever, if you struggle to keep track of this. Being inconsistent is very, very immersion breaking.

12. Good spelling. Spelling matters more than grammar. Most people here can forgive poor grammar, but bad spelling is a no-no.

I try to follow these rules as best as I can, sometimes I mess up, but it's a decent guideline. I'm no expert, so follow these rules at your own risk.

Oh, also, if you're after a popular novel, just copy the genre of already popular novels but make it your own. Like this story follows the same premise as Infinity Tower, Master Hunter K, God Devil World(although the author abandoned his whole safe town/market idea for some reason) etc, but as you can see, I've made it unique to me and it isn't a carbon copy.

I hope that helped.


I copy and paste my tables from templates that I made, so tables are simple enough. The only annoyance is splitting and merging cells.  
I'd suggest to just write. Get a foundation to work from. No matter how bad it is, or good, I don't know your talent. Try to find a style for yourself, a format you can use regardless of what you're writing about. Be consistent though, try to not cut points of view too much, stay focused. Hrmm, I'm bad at explaining stuff. Oh, listen to criticism. You can always improve no matter how bad or good you are at it. That applies to all aspects of life.

if this isn't enough for you then this will give advise for Prologue part here:
about Good and Evil :
Good and evil are social constructs. Good is acting in a way which is beneficial to the society, while evil is acting in a harmful way. Simple as that. You are more likely to be good when your needs closely correlate with the need of everyone else around you. Evil is committing an act which serves your goal at the expense of the social benefit. If we were individualistic apes in the wild with no need of a social grouping then the ideas of good and evil would not exist.

here is a link to the post that discussing about this topic deeper (try to check other comment,some of them are very good):

and if you want a simple but detail enough about good & evil then this "lawful,neutral,chaos" can help you show that

fun fact :even if he/she is a Lawful Evil doesn't mean he/she will completely Opposition or harmful to you ,if they can satisfy some of their agenda/need just by joint/help you then they can be a good ally for you here (so I can say that there are still some "good" Lawful Evil among Lawful Evil,same for other type of evil alignment and the same for opposite alignment )
my first comment in this post have been edited ,so you will see it more clearer
about category of "show don't tell"  (from FirstDragon ) :
Can't say I'm a huge fan of the swap to the evil enemy's point of view where they are plotting and explaining everything with Crystal clarity to the reader. Such a writing trick is somewhere between too easy and too lazy. You can convey the same information overtime and/or merely through the behavior of all the characters as they slaughter their way through the MC's city and various characters perhaps identify aspects of their origin, magic/sword/movement style, features / equipment, speech/accent, etc. Whatever is not clear from the attack itself will soon become clear after the attack and/or with some investigation from the MC himself. So there's no reason to jump in and lay out everything before you describe it in future chapters.

This lesson falls into the category of show don't tell. You told me all about what the baddies are doing. But you could have skipped all of it and achieved 70% or 80% understanding via other smoother and less heavy handed methods. Sure, at some point the evil child may need to say "now that I have pulled ahead of my foolish brothers of the X, Y, Z clans, I can do X" Insert evil laughter here...or some elder friend of the MC may need to pass on the news that X,Y,Z were scrambling for power to show off to C and your family got shafted as a trophy.
about First person/Third person:
Third person :

Generally, a story is more easy to write in third person because you describe what you imagine directly. You don't need to always think at how your MC see the world around him.  Moreover, this give you a lot more liberty in what you want the reader to know. You can tell him thing that your MC doesn't know without stopping the flow of your story with  "infodump/POV" chapter about character or your world.  

Example : John gave her the roses. After staring blankly for one minute to all these flower, she started to cry and run away. These rose made her remember the last time she has seen her mother... before killing her. He was so surprised that he didn't even think to follow her....  

See, you can easily drop a little background story about a side character. So, the reader will have a better understanding of all character and situation Vs the MC.

First person :

- More easy to give depth to your MC and to create a connection between him and your reader. We see what he sees and we feel what he feels.

Example : I gave the roses to my crush. After one minute of a long and weird silence, she cry and run ?! Why ? I was so surprised that I didn't even think to follow her...

Then you know more about the MC feeling/interpretation of this event VS the third person version of my little story BUT the reader doesn't know why the girl cry and run.

personal opinion : if your next story is about a OP character or principally a one-man show. The first person form is generally better. If not, I advise you third person if you want to develop other character easily (as you seem to like).
I just found a really good advise about the potential enemy and how to avoid making one here (from this chapter,the novel really good and quite realistic btw)

"They are not your enemy, they do not see you as an enemy until you oppose their will. You have to understand how the world works, the world which you came from. They actually need you now, before you were something they could throw away without a care, but now you have value. You have something they want. The contracts you signed are worthless if you do not cooperate so the first step is to pay no attention to them."

"Let me put it simply, the men in power will want to take from you as cheaply as possible. If you are your normal nice Benzhi and just give to them thinking they will reward you, you would be making a mistake. They only care about you and what you want as long as they get what they want. If what you want can be accommodated, it will be, but if you don't fight for it, you will just be used. Does that make sense?"

or other official name for this advise."How to deal with your friendly neighbourhood psychopathic antagonist" (the advise above was a part of this on )
about promise (from a reader comment):
Unsurprising. I knew more then well when you make a promise for this basically eternal crusade with your story. I knew i'm gonna be heartbroken somewhere down the line. You could've made a realistic statement. Saying you will try your best, just like that. And it would have made me just as happy and yet less heartbreaking if you cannot achieve the end of the crusade.

Let this be a lesson to all of us in general. Do not take promises lightly. In fact, in my opinion. Do not make promises at all. Promises is something that in my opinion adds unnessecary risk to throw off someone further than when you're already said you're going to do everything you can. In a world full of unpredictability.

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