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Advice about merchant :
_ A merchant main driving force is greed. But the most successful merchants know when to unleash it.

A prime example is of a hen laying eggs. Knowing when to cut the neck after all the eggs that can be laid is important. Too soon and you risk loosing out on more eggs. Too late and your just feeding a barren bird.

It was an analogy understood in both worlds.
for a good detail about spear and shield combo (and maybe sword) weapon and fighting style,check this group of comment
in that comment,here is a good video to show how to do a good fight like that
list of good novel to read about certain topic (will update more):
for town/base building :
(although this novel not from royalroadl,but it the best kingdom building novel here)

-Life Reset (super good,if there are a Litrpg element)
-Transcendence? (well,pretty much all of this novel from Andur have base/kingdom building in the middle of novel stage)
-World Keeper (like the name say,the first stage may not good,but later it getting better,especially after the halfing/centar arc)
-King of the Mountain (the ideal is quite good for reference,only the executive is bad,but still good for research)
-Emerilia (too bad most of the chapter have been removed for the amazon version so only a few starter chapter of each arc and full chapter of the newest arc)
-Orc Lord (a very good monster novel,unlike "re:monster",and it is unique and have good lore,and have good base/city building)
-The Simulations (check my review to see what to expect,this novel quite slow but really good)
-Kingdoms Online (this is one of the novel that have very good detail about crafting and building,and most of that is accurate history in real life,you should check my review to know the pros,cons of this novel,one reason is a lot of review for this novel is very bad because they have not read enough chapter)
-The Red Lands (this one is very realistic if you happen to be at the bottom of the society of medieval fantasy world without any power,if you read at his site you will see the magic/fantasy element begin at chapter 30 and onward)
-Haven in a Dangerous World (very good and unique dungeon building)
-The Dao of Magic (especially for xiaoxia novel type,this one have literally build his own "dimensional space" with his special tree,and also recreate thing like Qi energy in the atmosphere back with some science way apply into nature)
-Dexs/ Clairs Adventure (Completed) (this is how a OP mc build his/her own kingdom,it appear in middle and near late stage )
-Volatile Evolution (how to build a criminal organization in sci-fi world)
-Techno Cultivator (very good hybrid sci-fi/souls energy tech and futuristic city in a xiaoxia world,the tech and building part will begin to show more after chapter 16 and 27,it a bit heavy on "SHOW, DON'T TELL, PLEASE." problem,check the other review and you will see it)
-Reincarnated, let's be a pirate. (have a quite good port city building ,and this novel know how to use cliche and plot twist)
-City dungeon (well ,like the name say)
-Artisan (good super hero novel with base building,and as a Alien AI,quite rare for this type of novel,but I think the author drop it)
-Pioneer 0: Rise of the machine in a world of sword and magic. (very good RTS building base type,too bad it droped)
how to be a great lawyer (in a evil but legit way),this chapter can give you a very good ideal about that part:

advise about LitRPG world:
(from this chapter:
[ I looked down at the miserable creature groveling by my feets and felt… compassion? Sympathy? Toward an NPC!? And a monster no less? I suddenly began to worry that my grasp on reality was slowly eroding, being replaced with the reality of the game.

<It is what it is> Vic said philosophically <Starting to realize that it’s not just a simple game, do you?>

“But…” I stammered “it IS just a game, it isn’t reall”

<What is real?> Vic demanded <You can see, smell and touch the world around you, is it any less real than your own world?>

I was dumbfounded by the notion.

<We live in this world,> Vic continued, <Me and my brothers. For you, maybe it’s just virtual reality, but for us, reality is virtual. Never forget that. Even contemptible puppets, like the one groveling here, are aware of that fact at some level>

That was some deep and insightful thing to say. Was it really a computer program that just came up with it? I wondered. That was a really troubling notion. Was the game really a different type of existence? A world considered to be just as real by it’s natural residents as we human believe ours to be? And we slaughter them eagerly, without a moment of remorse… I suddenly realized. I shook my head to bring myself back into focus. That’s nonsense, it’s a form of entertainment that’s all. We humans created this place, it’s all just a series of zeroes and ones. But even though I tried to convince myself of this truth, I couldn’t completely shake the creeping feeling, that even so, we just might have accidently created a unique sort of lifeform that didn’t deserve the treatment we gave it. I couldn’t help but thinking the way we treat everything in this world… are we wrong? ]
I think you should join the Discord channel and offer your services there. You'll be very welcome in the Discord chat, I'm sure of it.
if you get a writer block,you can check this post out and research it

for a way to make your novel get attention :
[take from this comment :]

A few major things go into audience size. I'll put them in a convenient list format for you:

1. Target Audience
2. Release schedule
3. Quality of grammar
4. Quality of story
5. Quality of Blurb/Synopsis

The biggest impact I've seen is release schedule by far. The more releases you put out in a short period of time, the more people tend to check out the fiction. If someone sees the same fiction name over and over and over again on the updates list they'll eventually click on it out of curiosity alone.

Target Audience is obvious. Shoujo themed stories don't tend to do well on this site. Neither do generic romances. The majority of people on this site are looking for Fantasy/WorldTraveling/VirtualReality/Wuxia. If your story doesn't fall into one of those you probably won't reach a super large viewership on this site, though there are other sites that adhere to other genres you can look for viewership on.

Quality of grammar and story are obvious. I don't think I need to explain them.

Quality of Blurb: This is way more important than people give it credit for. Someone decides whether or not to give your series a try purely off of your synopsis/title/coverpage. At the very least your synopsis should look to inform the reader the general structure of the story so they can know if it's what they're looking for. Obviously tags are basically the same in that regard. Your blurb is the shortest but most important writing you'll do for your story. You want to present a clean, readable, and engaging paragraph that informs people what they're getting into.

If you cover those 5 subjects I've listed, you will be popular on RRL. I've never found a series that met all 5 and wasn't active top 50 at some point in its life.

( The easiest way to get into the active top 50 for example would be to just build up a dumptruck worth of chapters than unload them like five a day for a month.  )
here is a good define of characterization  and what type of character :
"What does characterization do for a story? In a nutshell, it allows us to empathize with the protagonist and secondary characters, and thus feel that what is happening to these people in the story is vicariously happening to us; and it also gives us a sense of verisimilitude, or the semblance of living reality. An important part of characterization is dialogue, for it is both spoken and inward dialogue that afford us the opportunity to see into the characters' hearts and examine their motivations. In the best of stories, it is actually characterization that moves the story along, because a compelling character in a difficult situation creates his or her own plot."
about the "young master" :
not everyone have to be a "arrogant" ,a little arrogant is fine if he/she do have legit reason like he/she  have a  very talent skill,.... and not all those talent are beautiful or fit ,and not all the "arrogant" have to be no reasonable at all,which a lot of xiaoxia novel do that mistake a lot
And I see one more problem is most of them when do bad thing like rape someone and still just get away with it without get scolded or beaten by their parent or relative ,and if you saying the parent/relative are stupid then it fine,but if it just because they are just evil or it is medieval age then that not fine at all,even if they are evil they still have brain ,and if for one example :the family the lord son have raped haven't spread about that news to anyone or not know/influence enough then he can try to clear/cover up them out,but if that family have already spread out new for enough people that hard to contain or reach to some other influential citizens then there more likely a riot immediately in the city and the lord have to deal with it like bring his son who do that to the square of city and have him flogged to calm them down . He could of course easily go and put the riot down with his strength alone, but that would only cause larger problems in the future. .And there are other reason for them to beat their son for doing that because other faction/sects could use that again them and make other rebel them or similar .

about the poll and balance for MC :

This is why so many novels are shit on this site. People simply want their guy to be the most speshul unique snowflake without thinking without thinking further ahead that the length of their noses! They simply don't get that every. Single. Unique. Trait. Makes the resolution of the story harder and harder. Next to nothing can be put in without a reason. Everything needs a plausible explanation, and "my MC was chosen by a god/goddess" doesn't cut it. It's the same about the people who wanted everyone to have normal lifespan except for Dante. Don't they realize what living five times as long as anyone else means? It means, for example, that he'll have to watch every companion, every friend, every potential love interest who's at his age die, then the friends the age of their children, and so on so forth for roughly eight or nine generations before he finally starts approaching death at the same pace as everyone else that's alive, meaning the ones that are born right at the beginning of his last century of life. At that point, however, won't he be afraid to once again be forced to watch everyone he knows die? Will he enjoy life at that point? Most likely, no!

His lineage leaves a lot to be discovered and his ability to choose classes will be hard enough to explain in a satisfactory way, but if Dante keeps 'gaining' unique traits like they're f**king collectibles, it won't be long before this novel is beyond redemption.

Think of uniqueness as seasoning of a meal, where the MC is one of the three types of protein. A little seasoning of the entire meal will just make it more palatable but if that third of the protein is heavily seasoned while everything else hardly comes close, that tiny bit will seem over-seasoned while the rest seems bland, resulting in an unpalatable meal. So as a chef, don't keep seasoning that third of the protein just because a group of people whose cooking no one with half a sense of taste wants to eat screams "More mayo! Then some pickles! Ginger! Salt! More Salt! Then some parsley! Now boil it in shit!". It will never end well. Polls and reader-interactive choices works just fine when you only give them options you can work with in the long run without too much cringe or snowflakes but you always have to think atleast three steps ahead when you give anyone, especially the MC, something completely unique. Go with spacial storage being unique to chronomancy if you must but PLEASE don't add another thing to the list of things you're gonna have to try and explain. It'll bite you in the add if too many of the interesting traits of Dante are things he just happened to have because of some 'lottery at birth'.

(from a comment of this chapter: )

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