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for realistic idea when sci-fi world meet fantasy world :

have you though about help dealing with starvation without the help of tech ? ,by figure out which one can eat or can Processing to edible (sometime there are some creature/plant that need help of tech to analysis so they can figure out the way to eat/Processing them safely),this can help prevent them by finding a lot of that food with haven't though of them can be edible ,and can also increase diversity of dish   (this trick is mostly for short term when they don't grown enough food,still can be useful for long term though)

how about  introduce train ? (in some novel we just only introduce steam train so it can help that kingdom greatly in transport big amount of resource,faster and safer without the risk of them using that tech again us since they are so inferior than our high tech one)

the same for introduce gun to medieval/fantasy world (better at protect themself and figh threat like demon/beast,but not enough to fight back our world),only gun like:
 _ martini-henry rifle (world war 1,easy to mass produce ,quite long reload,but still faster and accurate than the first gun that invented,since they have cartridge case ,so you don't have to pour gunpower,pour bullet then use pipe to push them into the gun)

lee-enfield rifle mk 3 (world war 2,a bit longer and complex to build,but still easier to mass produce,and since they are more complex so the medieval world mostly can only have ability to make the gun above,they have magazine/clip,shoot and reload like bolt-action sniper without the long scope ,likely for our "elite" militia, ratio about 4 henry/1 enfield)
M1 Garand (world war 2,semi-automatic rifle so of course it better and faster rate of fire than above likely for elite,and likely the highest gun tech that most sci-fi UNION government allow for medieval world,unless you just go around the law of no automatic gun by make modern semi-automatic rifle ,this normally not needed to make unless that world is really dangerous that they allow for all native army to use them )

of course artillery can be something like "M1857 12-pounder "Napoleon"
another reason we do this is also to sell gun and ammo for them (and mostly superior ammo,but still edit the gun in a way that still allow to use old/traditional bullet)

here is the chapter I get all of that weapon talk from,you should check out,some of them really neat idea when it come to introduce weapon and produce them
some advice about writing Dialogue I just found :
advice from the author of "The True Endgame" :

My number one piece of advice, which can really be applied to any and all writing, is to just write what you want to write. Don't worry about what's popular, don't worry about what other people expect or want to see, don't worry about people potentially not liking your story, etc. Just write what you yourself would want to read without worrying about what anybody else has to think. If you're passionate about it, and if you love your own story, then people will see that. Even then, it doesn't matter if anybody enjoys it other than you. Take pride in your work and write what you love, and the rest comes naturally.
If I wanted to be as popular as possible, I wouldn't be writing a harem, I'd be using less of an anime art style for the cover and future illustrations, I would make the main character more powerful and "alpha," I would write more status screens, and so on like how so many of the RRL's top stories do. However, that's not what I want to read no matter how much more popular the story would be with those things, so that's not what I write.
Hell, I've gotten bad messages and comments from people just because Saya in the very first chapter calls Ryouta "onii-chan." That alone is enough to make a ton of people stop reading, even if there's barely any of that in the actual story. So even though I know the story would be better off in popularity even by changing something as simple as that, I refuse to.

(from this comment: )
if you need some material about how to handle some realistic situation when you write a city/kingdom building here (like those peasant aren't interested in education and don't know about the value of it ),then check my comment out ,it is a bit of the mess since at that time I only can search what I can and left there so nearly half of them won't be wrapped up for you to quick read:
sarcastic about every cliche isekai ever (read the white text paragraph part of this chapter )
an antagonist's central goal, narratively speaking, is to achieve their goal and also cause the protagonist to be put in a place of constant pressure revealing their true nature with the choice that they make to get out of it

(from [Robert McKee's "Story"] or [John Truby's "The Anatomy of Story"] )
here is a universally advice  for writing from pastey5 (he don't really have the time to put that together,but those quick point still good enough anyway):

  • Write about things you're familiar with, or get familiar with them. When you write about a topic you don't know about, it stands out to anyone that does know about it. Think of all those corny science or investigation shows where they 'enhance' the images.
  • Only suspend the users disbelief when it makes sense to do so. It makes sense to a user that there are fire breathing dragons because of the story, but it doesn't make sense that a two year old can hold a decent conversation. Additionally, inserting modern day philosophy and politics into non-modern day scenarios sticks out poorly too if it's just thrown in there.
  • Don't go into to much detail. The more you define, the more you restrict yourself. Define things as you need them, use perspectives of characters to understand them through those perspectives, but be careful of going all in on something you don't want set in stone. A lot of writers use long exposition in substitution for writing, a symptom likely due to a desire to world build too quickly.
  • If you break the rules of your world, then anything beyond that loses its suspense because now anything can happen at any time. Dragon Ball Super is a huge violator of this with their power levels. There's no real suspense compared to Z since they violate their own rules on an episode basis.
  • Don't be in a rush to world build. Let it develop over more chapters. Isekai in particular suffers from this where a lot of Isekai manga start with an 'idea' for the beginning of an Isekai, then once that beginning is rushed through have nothing else and just wing it with random stuff from there on. Stop and think are you trying to write a story, or are you trying to write a character/story beginning?
  • Use words to describe sounds and actions. Using text like "?!?!?!?!" or excessive capitals like "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" is poor quality and stands out as beginner writing. Sometimes the shape/style/font of text can be used to convey meaning, but in 99.9% of cases you can translate those things into descriptions. Show, Don't Tell.
  • Show, Don't Tell. You're writing a story, show the things you want the user to see and know. This is related to many of the other points. Sometimes you'll need to tell because you're likely writing something with strange concepts, but even then you can likely cut down the amount of exposition being used.
  • If you are writing a LitRPG (a story with video game mechanics) try to cut down on the outright in-your-face-ness of the mechanics. A lot of stories use video games as a basis for not only the world building and mechanics of the world, but for the writing as well. You'll find massive pages of stats, explanations of generic video game mechanics that go on for chapters. Overlord (with the skeleton) is a good example of it being done nicely. It's there, but it feels more real. Though Overlord doesn't have menu screens. This also plays into the other points about showing, not telling.

need material for research and improve ? ,you can check my post on the forum here : (full) (this give advice of how "not" to write here,and how to use Cliche right) 

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