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How does one come up with ideas for fictions?

read some writing prompts, ones from The Fake Redhead and Writing Prompts on Tumblr are some really good examples, they can give you ideas about what you can possibly write.

Also, aside from writing prompts, try to find a genre of story that you like first, then, based on that genre try to imagine scenes happening around you. For example if you like sci-fi, try to imagine your surroundings as futuristic. Based on that image on your mind, try to think of a sub-genre, and based on that, imagine something interesting happening, (e.g. thriller-- a pod crashes right in front of you) now you're almost there, next pick another sub-genre, for example romance, (e.g. 'as you walk towards the pod, a man/woman/other comes out of it, grabs your hand and says "Hurry it's not safe here, come with me"). now lastly, go back yo your main genre and create a conflict or problem based on it. in this case, it could be an alien invasion, corrupt government trying to kill you, rogue A.I or just for the heck of it, space ninjas.

And now you have a plot. I don't know if this will work for you, but it does for me.
I wrote Magic Sniper in Another World, feel free to read it. And, Yes I do know that 'Etherial' is an incorrect spelling.
It depends on what you mean by "good idea." Most of mine are terrible! :)
In all seriousness, I get inspiration everywhere. Most of the time, it's from my own problems and my family; sometimes, it comes when I people-watch and wonder, "What would happen if that lady wearing a bright pink headband and tie-dye pants and a superhero walked into a corporate office at the same time?" or "Who is that guy waiting for and why are his headphones broken?" Other times, ideas come when I read other people's stories and something feels...unexplored. Like, I read all these dystopian novels and had an idea for a book wherein the government was good and the rebellions were fundamentally misguided instead of the other way around. Or, on a TV sitcom, what would a day in the life of a dystopian government official be like?
I guess my advice is, ask lots of questions. About the world around you, about the people around you, about the stories around you, about your life. And if you can't find an answer you like--write about it.
When I have trouble coming up with ideas I will often have my brother take a walk with me and just talk it over. He will usually just listen to me, and then give a ridiculous suggestion that will not help, but just talking it over will often help me know what to write next. So maybe if there is someone that you can share your writing that could help you.
Another thing that might help, this one I actually read in Gail Carson Levine's book 'Writing Magic,' is sit down and write down twelve ideas however silly they may be there might be something helpful there. She also suggested that if you have a specific problem that you do not know how to solve you write it down and then put it up somewhere that you can see it often, and after that try not to think about it. She said that this would often work for her although it could sometimes take several days.
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I just bundle everything that is popular in one pack and rationalize a way that it makes sense.

It works.
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Though seriously, steal them. Take a few things you are enjoying at the moment and mash them together. Doesn't matter what it is as we aren't looking for specifics. Right now off the top of my head I have the line of a song I can't remember the name of which goes "one winged girl makes a sound that sounds like singing" (that might not even be the correct wording), Just finished rereading Stellar Transformation, and I am watching someone stream the game Factorio. From that let's take the winged lady who from the sounds of it can't actually speak, (I could take cultivation but that might not be your jive so instead) Tiered universe you can ascend or descend through, and being stranded in a hostile location while trying to build a way off it. With that we have enough fodder to make a few different stories depending on how we take each element.

A mortal man stranded in a higher realm away from his family with his only companion being a native 'angel'. With the only thing in his favor being the advanced mechanical knowledge the likes of which the heavens have never seen before as they focus on personal power and magic. Will he be able to tear asunder the dimensional boundaries to go home and if he does will he want to?

*Swoosh* What a melodramatic sound for the thing that has thrown our team away from all they knew. After a magitech experiment into the nature of time and space goes horribly wrong a small group of scientists are now trapped in a lower realm unknown to all. This land of mortals lacks the magic all their knowledge and technology depends on so how will they be able to ascend back to their home? Will they be able to before they lose all their magic and no longer be able to? And what of their lovely leader who depended on a magitech device to even speak, now rendered mute and unable to take command like is needed?

Some people would say their childhood sweetheart was the loveliest. Everyone but our MC would be lying though. He knows that his was. All because from the highest realm the God of Gods descended and stole his away as "only I deserve the fairest of all the realms". Now in a race against time our hero must gain power and ascend from realm to realm reaching ever higher for a time limit is upon him. His only advantage being his preternatural ability at crafting. If he doesn't save her within 100 years she will forever be turned into one of the mindless angel singers in the eternal choir as her very essence is being slowly stripped from her soul. Can he make it in time and if he does will he be able to take on the God who even other gods worship?

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