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Opinion on horror?

I love to write horror, thriller related stuff containing lots of violence and badass characters, both good and evil, and I'm wondering what RoyalRoad1's opinion on horror is.

What tropes should be avoided in order to increase ratings in RoyalRoad1? And is Creepypasta considered "cringe" over here?
I don't think I've seen any horror story on RRL. The trend is Adventure/Fantasy. Because it's not overused, Creepypasta should not be "cringe" or anything. You may even get good ratings but it will be harder to get readers. Instead it will be cringe if you write Adventure/Fantasy clichés.

I'll let other speak, I'm also intrigued and want more answers to that question.
Maybe you should go to recommendation and ask for Horror novels, as advanced search may not highlight what you have in mind

Fell free to ask the authors then.
The group WRITE made a Halloween contest about writing horror short stories just this November. 

You can try that:
Check my fictions
"Gamer of the Dead"
And the newest  "Slam No Basuke"

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