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I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

If you're so kind, could you do mine too?

The link is down there in my sig. Wink

Thanks in advance!
(08-01-18, 10:46 AM)Danetello Wrote:
For the story, 'The Costa Brava Scenario ( formerly: Space Opera )':
Sorry for the long delay, you probably thought I forgot about your request, but I did not! Since the time you requested for my assistance, I see you've improved your own description. I tried to improve your description, but my attempt came out worse than yours. So, I'm apologising because I'm not able to help you, you don't need it.

Thank you!  Seeing a lot of your work on descriptions, I am flattered that you like it.  I appreciate you taking a look.

My first story on RRL, please give it a read and a rate:  Space Opera
It's for Dragon Fantasy-

A boy who is orphan wanted to become elite in human and demon society and wanted to know the reason why he was abandoned. But the story and history are deeper than you think. The boy becomes man and the man become dragon who will dominate the world. How? let's find out by ourselves.

Can you improve that, please?
(12-09-17, 11:25 AM)Danetello Wrote: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description. With the goal of making the description more polished and intriguing. If you have an attractive and appropriate description, then more people will want to read your novel. So, I'm providing a free opportunity to anyone who wants me to take a crack at their story description. You can look at my attempt and decide if you want to use it, or some parts at least.

Just post on this thread if you would like this service.

Some basic rules:

1. Your fiction must be Active.
2. Your fiction must possess, at least, a basic description to work off of. (I edit descriptions, I don't generate them.)
3. Please take my version into consideration, I spend quite a bit of time on each description.

Note: I edit descriptions in my free time, so there may be some delay until I edit your description.

Hi Donatello,

No amount of gratitude is enough for what you do for this community.

I would love if you would try mine. Below are the links:

Again, thank you very much ^^
(15-02-18, 04:39 AM)12thGod Wrote: Hi Donatello,

No amount of gratitude is enough for what you do for this community.

I would love if you would try mine. Below are the links:

Again, thank you very much ^^

I am not Danetello (and it's spelled Danetello, not Donatello, by the way - he's not a Ninja Turtle), so feel free to completely ignore me.

Synopsis for Chronicles of the Last Hermit

Located upon the end of the world, the continent of Far East rages as conflict tears it apart. Among the warring kingdoms, Srivijaya - once the largest - finally succumbs to civil strife.

Deep in the jungle, left mostly untouched and unviolated by the outside world, a boy is born. He lives happily under the care of his loving parents. He possesses no ambition except to marry his childhood friend and live a blissful life.

However, as fate would have it, that blissful life was forever torn out of his grip.

As the boy flees from the encroaching horrors of war, he stumbles upon sagely secrets. Secrets that put him on the path of becoming the Final Hermit of the Far East.

But in a land where no place is left untouched by war, will he be able to truly isolate himself from the rest of the world?

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