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I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

(22-03-18, 07:51 PM)Tanaka Tomoyuki Wrote: Nah, your story seems pretty interesting!

Thanks, any feedback would be greatly appreciated c:
Here's my story, And Thus, We Hoped.
Hi, will you be kind enough to check out my story too?
I can always use some improvement.
thank you very much in advance.

This is the link.
Hello, would you kindly take a look at my synopsis and see what you can do, I'd be most grateful for any improvements you can make. Please and Thank you 

Here the link:
If you have time I would appreciate it if you could give me some output on my description        
Heres the link -
(14-04-18, 09:13 PM)Skydrake Wrote: If you have time I would appreciate it if you could give me some output on my description        
Heres the link -

For the story 'Golden Draconian':
I've temporarily stepped out of retirement to edit this. I didn't really change the content of your description since there wasn't a lot of chapters to work off of, I mostly polished everything. I hope you consider the changes that I made to your description.
Nathaniel Drake knew he was different from birth. Some called him special others a freak. But he never knew how special until his eighteenth birthday. His world changed, literally, when he came to know he was a descendant of the dragons and came from another world. How will he adapt when he is thrust into a new world full of danger, betrayal, adventure and above all magic. Follow his journey to know more.
From birth, Nathaniel Drake knew he was different. To some, he was special, but to other, he was no more than a freak.

Until his birthday, he never knew how special, he truly was…

His world was changed… Literally. From an ordinary man to the descendant of dragons, he returns home.

When he’s thrust into a new world filled with magic and adventure; how will he adapt when the vices of mortality test his resolve?
Check out my story Colossus' Dream.

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