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Icky's Illustrations

~Welcome to my REVOLTING art thread~

Here I'll be posting illustrations, scribblings and other visual whirlygigs related to my story, The Revolting Rose. It's an absurd fantasy parody inspired by the works of Terry Pratchett, Enid Blyton, Dr. Seuss and Lewis Carol and involves a lot of fantastic fungal scenery, goblins galore, rampant rodents and most importantly SOCKS. All excellent muses for a good scribble, I'd say.

My aim is to eventually have at least one printable illustration per chapter. At the moment though I'm focusing on getting the thing written out so I only have a couple completed, but there will be old character portraits and the like to post in the meantime.

You can check out other work of mine on my wordpress (or support my Patreon)

Latest postings:

The Revolting Cover


So here it is, the first piece to rest your eyes on.

[Image: Cover_image.png]

A lovely load of lost socks.
And then there was A MAP

[Image: Map_Part_Col1000.png]

A Revolting Opening, Illustration for the First Chapter

[Image: Illustration001_INK1000.png]

Young Pagne sitting at his desk, blissfully unawares of the plot about to sneak up in front of him.
Pagne the Protagonist

[Image: h0mLl.png]

He is judging you.

Bothersome Birds
Two more Revolting characters from the first part that has been posted 

[Image: Zra7n.png]

The Amphelian Prince, Zaech 

[Image: pZ8X.png]

and his loyal attendant Skarra
House of Learning

[Image: IAog9.png]

Just added part 2.2 of The Revolting Rose, and with it comes this illustration~

Aspiring Overlord

[Image: MtF0G.png]

Saloonka, skin-wearing, cannibalistic, part-parsnip, son-of-a-dragon.
Your art style is addicting. Very Happy

Keep up the good work, and I will absolutely be checking out your story when I get the chance!
"The others said that they saw a dog the size of a tree, but they didn't. Dogs are not as big as trees."
-Lisa, 5 years old.

I am extremely bad at advertisement, so I'll just link my story here and let you guys be the judge.
Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like my drawings, and I hope you like my story as well! Very Happy

And here are some more~

Chapter 3 Illustration

[Image: ydpwT.png]

And a watercolour + Ink portrait of Master Vrye

[Image: 1WlpD.png]

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