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Colonising Mars

I think the movie Martian should answer your question another one you can watch is The Space Between Us #for the feels.
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Well... the pioneers of such an endeavor would have it rough for sure.  I believe the current plan is to send everything ahead so that the astronauts could essentially start assembling a primitive station once they got there.  But that initial group would have to spend six months getting there, then have to wait another nine months for the Earth and Mars to line up at their shortest distance from each other, and then the six month trip back.  That's a lot of time for things to go wrong.  Will definitely be a challenge.  I just hope that they manage to put an observatory on Mars, or another Hubble-like telescope orbiting it so we can see more cool stuff Wink
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ATM there's about three groups thinking of actually doing their homework and making preparations for this within the next 50 years. NASA, SpaceX and I think MAYBE Mars One. And as someone who's into this stuff, it is a GIANT pain in the ass to figure out.
How much oxygen do you breath in a day? How much CO2 do you release? All of this and a shitton more maths have to be done just to make sure they don't die within a day. Then water. Then food. Then amenities. Then medical care. It's a giant headache of worrying you'll make someone the first person to die on Mars. Getting there is possible with current tech but it's a one way trip baby. We just don't have the technology to have enough fuel to come back home. Maybe in far future if you stored enough fuel. Oh and you can't bring alot of fuel,water or air with you, too heavy. So all the stuff we need to breathe? Yea gotta have a machine sit on Mars for about 5 years to create enough oxygen just to breath for good amount of time.

As far as the journey there? I've heard most proposals from NASA saying they'd get about 25ft personal space which is better than colonial times when they had maybe 5ft per person. The longer in the journey the longer the delay in communications. A touchdown occurs on Earth in the Super Bowl. You'd get the images on the television 7 minutes later. So progressively less ability to talk with loved ones. They'd have all the food, water and exercise they need. Biggest problem with the flight there is the solar radiation threatening to kill them all but I think the plan is to have their water supply tank be the shielding or something.

Guess what I'm saying is, it's gonna be a stressful freaking existence. One thing goes wrong and they die a slow agonizing death. And when I say one thing I mean one thing. A bad seam in the shelters means a leak in atmosphere and they die. If a filter breaks down and they don't have a spare,they die of CO2 enrichment. But on the flip side they can still watch TV, YouTube and other stuff. If they wanna take a risk they can do it. Just don't expect a ride home

Oh and their main protein source will be crickets. Highest protein source available. Take of that what you will.

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