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insigh about real life problem (including about author and reader)

about rating problem
0.5, 5.0, 1.0+ and 4.5+ reviews tends to be people who cannot properly scale their how good something is and/or are trying to manipulate the rating by putting in more extreme vote to move the average more.

The ones that give you a fair judgement will typically be in the range of 2.0-4.0, maybe upwards toward 4.5 (but not a mix of 5.0 and 4.5), or down below 2.0, when something is really good or really bad. I would probably throw this story slightly above 3.0, but still below 3.5. There are some problems (such as balance fidling, somewhat confusing names [say first town vs world name], and plot holes) , but it reads well enough and is engaging to read, without significant grammar problems.

(from this comment:
one problem with this website: any random is suddenly a professional reviewer
if you want to know the problem above more ,check this section of comment that was going on here (for conclusion ,just check the last comment of that page):
here is some good idea that really need to mentioned for a lot of novel in this website that fail to do so (and far too many "children" who can't take a bit of tragedy , a tragedy once in a while keeps the reader awake and invested, while allowing the character to grow ) :

re-read, not bad adding that in. Like how your story isn't all lollipops and sunshine for the mc, there is no character development without pain - something too many stories on RRL lack or fail to convey adequately.

And as for killing Mia off - Sometimes building up a side character just to kill them off is worth it, must say I wasn't looking forward to a typical "op mc gains harem and rampages around while levelling up like crazy" theme which is where I thought you might be taking the story.
(from this comment: )

What? Bad things happening to a character and forging them into better, stronger people is a staple in good books. Books need to be like rollercoaster, or else what's the point? Life isn't a straight line, life isn't easy, so why would that be different for the lives of main characters? Besides, one character thats important to an MC dying isn't an indication that everyone close to them will die. I've read very few books like that. I believe the last two chapters are integral for the furtherment of this story. They just need to be polished (done better).
(from comment: )
I've run into the problem the opening poster talked about numerous times. I really think it's bullheadness on the readers to not accept something new. It's even hard to describe this problem to people. They don't see it as a problem because they aren't writing the stories partly I gues. They will go off on all these tangents to say it's really something else and avoid the issue. But the fact is there's no reason we should really classify a story as a 0, 1, 2, or 3 just because we've read some other story to compare it too. Why should we have to be compared to some other guy that probably didn't even think of his own ideas?

People also have this psychological block on them too where they think they have to be winning all the time. That's kind of silly but it happens. And part of it happening is that they think they have put their story ahead of others. So they will go out and do shitty trash reviews on others masquerading as readers.

Also this obsession with winning prevents them from seeing a story that builds from before the win phase properly. There's nothing wrong with starting from an underdog phase in the story and working up. In fact it lends credibility to the story and bridges the gaps of realism to start with nothing, and have to go through adversity.

This is partly why I like to build up from nothing with a story! The adversity present and real danger help to make the story more real! This is worth keeping by trying to bridge this part of a story in and connect with people. Adversity is what makes it seem like maybe parts of the story could really happen! (except for the magic part!)

The part of people dishing out 1s and 0s does happen. And unless you decide to go fight with the moderators and piss them off they stay up. It's kind of silly really that we have to go out and 'prove' someone is being an jerk when it's obvious that they are too.

Hope that helps. Have a nice day.
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legit explain about why he believe in afterlife but not religion like christians

problem about GIVING CRITICISM (especially on this site)
problem about adopt or abortion the baby,and the choice (read his comment)

if you need a reason to disagree with him then you can "load more replies " bellow his comment to see a deeper talk about it ,and for a really good one,you need to roll down a lot in that reply section until you see "alexmcj01",he also have a very good reason of his own that opposide to this OP comment


just found this post ,interesting talk  (after check the post,check the comment,some of them is very interesting talk from two side)
Sci-fi Writer Shatters The Anti-Abortion Argument With One Simple Question
15+ Tweets Explain Why Depression Makes People So Tired (this can give idea for deeper though about depression):
here is some reason why big pharm conspiracy is not alway true (can apply to your story):
(here is the link to the post that talk about this )

(this is the difference comment from the post to sums up this topic)

exactly, because holding the monopoly on a cure to an affliction that affects millions and can not be eradicated is certainly going to make less money than competing with countless other companies for treatment. You are right. You must be one of the smart people I hear so much about.

There is much more profit in competing with dozend different companies for chemo treatment than having absolute market control with the cure? Are you sure about that? Because that doesn't sound right. You realize people will always develop cancer, right? You can't just eradicate it like polio. And while we are at it, why didn't "they" got rid of the polio vaccine?

if anything they are STRIVING to find the cure, why? Because it is so much more lucrative than chemo. Not only would the first company to discover it have EXCLUSIVE rights to sell it, but they would be able to sell it to EVERY known cancer case. Cancer also has 100,000s of different variation, their main goal would actually be to cure you as fast as possible for 1 cancer and hope you get another 1 asap so they can keep selling you the same cure but slightly altered for each cancer strain.

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