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insigh about real life problem (including about author and reader)

about drop school and success :

Survivorship fallacy. You see all the big names that made it without higher education, you never see all the millions that failed because they dropped out.

You can look at higher education as a success chance multiplier. Yes, having a degree doesn't guarantee a career, much like not having one doesn't prohibit you from having one, but it's far more likely for you to get a great career and be successful if you do have a university degree, than if you didn't.

Not only are you going to learn a lot about the relevant fields, not only are you going to earn a degree that's visible proof of some form of competence, but you'll also going to meet a lot of people with similar life visions to you, which you are likely to cross paths with again after you start your careers.

If your government (or parents) is paying for your education - definitely take advantage of that opportunity. It's only worth considering going without if not doing so will burden you with heavy debt.

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this give more idea about our problem in this generation 

‘Spoiled’ Millennial Claims It Was Easier For Their Parent’s Generation
food for though about religion:
and here is another reason why don't like religion,especially fanatics (and the highlight comment say one reason why they do it)

"Religious Aunt Tries To Convince Him To Dump His Non-Jew GF, Sparks A Passionate Debate"
4 Time-Saving Tips (from a guy who spent 13 YEARS drawing a comic) [I think this lession benefit for all creatives,include novel and drawing ,if you want to the point fast then check at 4:35,the first part still somewhat important thought ]
about read term and license agreement
the agreements are intentionally designed to be lengthy with a complicated use of language so that average joe won't go through it nor understands it even if he did. 

You underestimate lawyers and corporations
(from comment:

about the pen and the sword
The Pen is a metaphor for diplomacy, making alliances, outthinking your enemy, and intelligence in general. The person with the pen wouldn't end up in a battle in the first place but would be making his enemies fight each other. This phrase, like most phrases, isn't meant to be taken in the literal sense.
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meaning of choice (for real life and in novel) :

The dream was largely symbolic, but the perfect ending finally reminded Cha Ming of an undeniable truth: People were responsible proportionate to their means. He had not made the wrong choice the first or second time he had the dream since arriving at Green Leaf Academy. The first time, he was not strong enough in the dream, so he made the decision to save the child. The second time, he had enough power to try and save the dog (he die,but at least he save the dog), and that was enough. This last time, his strength and Huxian’s had finally reached a level where he could do both.

Having resolved the dream, he now knew that it was very important to raise his capacity to act. Without strength, he would never have the ability to choose. And he now had a good brother whom he could rely on. This was also part of his capacity, part of his strength.

(from the bottom of chapter,read row number 10 of paragraph begin from bottom to know what going on in that dream: )

you should give this novel a try,it very good ,well executed,don't have those xianxia tropes, Sometimes Xianxia seems very stylized and drawn out. this author, in comparison, is refreshingly creative and compact. And having actual morals/symbolic content, like the recurring dream! (If normal Xianxia tries to teach something, it's stuff like "be sure to torture information from your enemies before killing them." )
5 LIFE HACKS That Will MOTIVATE You To Do ANYTHING (if ain't nobody got time for watch that,then just skip to 6:45 for summary tips)
not everyone (especially woman) want to be "equal" (they are legit though and not that hard to understand)

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