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Please revert the web style to the prior style.

The current style where the graphic is placed above the title is horrible. It doubles the scrolling required compared to the old style. I'm using a desktop, so if the change was made for phones, please include a desktop setting.
Could you elaborate on what exactly do you mean, or provide a screenshot?
The old style had the graphic on the left, and the title and other information was shown to the right of the graphic.  The new style looks like someone pressed 'return' after pasting in the graphic, and the title and other information is shown underneath.
What graphic?
My guess is they're referring to the display of a book's 'cover' and title. On, for example, this page.

If my web browser is stretched out, the cover is to the left of the title. If I narrow it enough, the cover is on top of the title.
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There has been no change to how the site is displayed; perhaps this is something with your browser? Could you tell us more about your computer's browser, OS and screen resolution?
Strange. There shouldn't have been any changes on my end. I've noticed that the graphic/cover is slightly larger since the "change" that wasn't a change. Apple os, firefox browser, 1024 640 screen.

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