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Overhaul for the surprise

HTTPS doesn't really imply good code written by sane people.
And here I go again trusting my account info to yet another batch of coffee addicts.
I... won't even try to deny that.
Can we know if something happens to the Surprise button?
I would also be glad to see the OP coming back but I think he fled long ago... well, anyone will do... but they must also be very far by now...
Because RRL is written in C# and is pre-compiled, we avoid doing releases for minor feature adjustments, so this might take a few days to roll out. I'll post here if I don't forget. Otherwise, pretend I'm dead.
Wouldn't you prefer it to be a... surprise?
My first fiction, a story about a Demon, a Princess, and how they tried to live happily ever after: The Demon and the Princess

Looking for stat screens and apocalypse? A New Leaf explores the (mis)adventures of Treant as he fights tooth and bark for his life, with a bit of comedy in between.
(22-11-17, 07:18 PM)Necamijat Wrote: Wouldn't you prefer it to be a... surprise?

[Image: Naamloos-2.png]

This is a look of immense hatred-> :)
(22-11-17, 07:18 PM)Necamijat Wrote: Wouldn't you prefer it to be a... surprise?

[Image: Uh6NZ3D.gif]

This is me. 
This is my face.
Check out my two stories if you've got the time. 
• A shroud of darkness hides the night. The sounds of battle echoes throughout. Steel on steel, clashing in the unknown. A clash of death, uncaring and unjust. A band of mercenaries surround a mysterious figure clad in ragged black robes. Beneath its weathered cowl, two bloodshot eyes pierce the darkness. Finally, they’ve found him.
• Mathias Silver had always been a quiet, well-behaved young man until one morning when he had overheard something about a dead girl, killed by a man who the police had given the name 'Night Hunter'. He decided to investigate, only for things to spiral out of control. join Mathias Silver as he descends further and further down the rabbit hole. 

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