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Storylines We Hate

^well, i suppose all u came across until now were 'boy/male/man-targeted' stuff then xD
even i get irritated by all those wet-dream-teenager shounen LN/Anime/Manga/etc. lol
u may want to try out some 'reverse harem' =))
(07-12-17, 11:22 PM)mlovolm Wrote: ^well, i suppose all u came across until now were 'boy/male/man-targeted' stuff then xD
even i get irritated by all those wet-dream-teenager shounen LN/Anime/Manga/etc. lol
u may want to try out some 'reverse harem' =))

God no, reverse harem is even worse, it's like some feminist from Tumblr who thinks it makes her cool to be 'sexually liberated' wrote them all. 

I just want something without fan service thanks haha

The problem is that most of the reincarnation, or high school stuff are made for virgin teenagers.
The high school fantasy stuff I get, but it's literally almost all the novels I tried.

Well, I suppose it's getting a bit off topic, because it's not really a story-line.

I hate the high-school thing. Far too common, not really as sophisticated as the authors think.
(07-12-17, 11:17 PM)QueenDasha Wrote: I'm going to sound like a typical feminist, but as a woman it really bothers me. It's agitating -.-
I hate it when the MC (of course it's going to be a man..) gets so much attention from women and all the interaction with them is sexual.

In anime too. I mean.. how does a guy ends up with every one around him belonging to the opposite sex?
It's so fucking unlikely, and so fucking annoying
I mean, come on?! is it a pheromone thing or something??!
I feel like it's somewhat degrading, because honestly I've never seen a woman getting so much attention from men around her

I can't put my finger on it really
Seems like some sort of fucking soft porn or something
Fan service should die

Wow. I am actually the exact opposite of feminist (more like "male chauvinist pig", if I may quote a famous classical comedy movie from my country), but I actually completely agree ==_== Harems are cancer upon novels. Reverse harems are equal cancer, since they are still harems and as a male I can't even imagine how can you be so stupid to become a part of such relationship xD

The only things that piss me off equally at novels are loooong empty spaces between paragraphs (no, it doesn't make your novel longer, it just looks plain stupid) and absolutely one-dimensional characters taken straight out of manga/anime (it's fine to have tsundere character in your novel, but if when asked to describe her/him all you can is "(s)he is tsundere" then you are doing something wrong xD). Although that was slightly off-topic since it's about storylines, sigh.
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i can understand why harem isn't too popular, honestly unless you have gone through 5+ years of watching trashy harem high shcool anime you will never get numb enough to ignore it in a story and just get used to it and it would just shock any normal persons sensibilities.

Any ways, the thing i ABSOLUTEL detest in a story (i don't really mind much as long as they are well written in general.) is vagueness, ambiguity, a fuzzy sense that there is something right infront of you but you just can't see it because it is being obstructed by paragraphs upon paragraphs of fuzzy terminology. An author need to understand what they are meant to and should be doing in a story is making the little pictures in their head as clear as possible and transcriping it into words for another person to get something close to the pictures in your heaad! and when you bring such stuff into a writer's attention they will shout at the top of their lungs' ''but LOOK AT CHAPTER 13 PARAGRAPH 3, I CLEARLY STATED THIS AND FORESHADOWED IT!'' like their readership are some sort of telepaths and can pick out the peculiar word or sentence in a chapter. god damnit i am here to read a story and be entertained not trying to play find waldo!! don't misunderstand i am not against foreshadowing and dropping hints on the background of certain characters. i am not againstthe setup for information going to be revealed in THE FUTURE! i am against information in the NOW not being revealed and stated in clear to understand terms.i don't want to second guessing where i am in the story at any given point in the storylind, there must always be 100% clarity on what is going on, basically an author should be able to draw a readers attention to what is important and drop anything that isn't or will only serve to confuse to reader. and if it is a story like that then the author has to make that clear too through their storytelling!

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