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Proofreading & Review Business (Mk. 2)

I would love to have some reviews if anyone is willing. both simple and advanced are fine.
My story is called: The world after the end.
My title isn't too good, I know. couldn't figure out anything clever that hasn't already been overused by others.
I would also like to know if it actually falls under Litrpg. it has some elements, but not all of them. making me somewhat uncertain on how to place it.
My fiction

The fisher and the beast

Reviews, edits, anything really will be appreciated. I'm really new and would like to know of any mistakes i am making. Thank you so much!
My first fic: The fisher and the beast

Editing : Im really looking forward to an editor :)

I finished a little story of mine: Jack at World of Syntaria (It should be a Light-Hearted Story)

And I'm currently writing a story(Fanfic): Dekar as Worlds Travels (Continuation of my first little story)

Small Review, Advance Review, Proofreading, Editing... anything will be appreciated

Thank you,
I need an editor and proofreader/if you can/ for my fiction.

Because of my daily release, I can't find someone can work with me.

Please help.

My fiction is Summoner with Warhammer 40K System and Re:Oni/slow release one/

a link is

I can't give much of money because I writing this fiction for fun and practice but I can give some money if we discuss about it

If you interested send message to my name
I'd love some help on my novel, to, if it's not too much work. I don't need a full edit at the moment, although I might later. Advanced reviews would be helpful. The link is in my signiture.
Just another girl living life to the best that she can, God's child, now and forever.  I'm looking forwards to meeting you and talking with you in the future.   My novel:
I would be very grateful if anyone is willing to proofread my story, I will still appreciate even if it just the first chapter.
This for @lordmystic, or post #14

I won't fix or proofread the first chapter for you, but I will do that for the synopsis at least.

Chen Qiang's life is perfect. He’s rich, young and set to inherit his father’s fortune and legacy. Truly, a fairy-tale. A life so perfect, nothing could ruin it; well, almost nothing…

In the blink of an eye, it all disappears into blazing fire and smoke. His inheritance, sisters and even himself. That was because of the sudden change, the craziest thing that should not have happened.
(what? Did China's housing bubble finally collapse?)

Not just him, but everyone on the earth experienced it too, the feeling of great despair, grief, hate and regret, that endlessly came to them.

But was it truly doomed from the start?

Is this end of the world? Or just the beginning?

Fate plays with him. He goes back in time and has three years for prepare to face that again.

He gets all he has again but is it enough to change the future?

I do not own rights to the picture that I have uploadrd or will upload, all the pictures that I upload are from the Internet.

Chapter 1 title should be "did I really get reborn?"
All Stats Random  , my try to perfect the 'master of all/everything' type of MC, inside a proper, realistic VR world, from a game design perspective and immersion and no convenient 'convert gold to irl currency' button.
Original post has been updated, added the list of fictions.

If anyone would like to withdraw their services or doesn't need help on their fiction or would like to update their preferences, make a post or contact me in RRL's Discord and I'll update the table.

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